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Alison Taylor,-Fashion Editor

Introducing ANYDAY womenswear – seasonal trends with staying power and sustainable wardrobe building blocks, at great value prices

The everyday wardrobe. Let’s discuss. After the year we’ve had, the concept of ‘everyday’ feels more like a gift than something second best, which is why an everyday wardrobe is something to embrace and get excited about. Especially if we can make updates without denting our pocket, or the environment, too dearly.

At home interview: Mini Moderns

Step forward ANYDAY, the new in-house brand from John Lewis, which launched with a hugely successful homeware range earlier this year and is now following up with fashion – for women, men and kids. Designed in-house, it’s all about easy, casual style at very tempting price points. Iain Ewing, Partner and Head of Design, guided his team to create a range that feels optimistic and youthful, and nods to key seasonal trends.

‘The aim was to create a range that spans from everyday building blocks that underpin your wardrobe, to great seasonal trend pieces, all at amazing prices,’ says Iain. ‘I wanted the collection to have a focus on great quality and great value for money but also with a modern young aesthetic and mindset.’

At home interview: Mini Moderns

There’s something incredibly comforting about getting those basic foundations right – the ‘without fail’ pieces, as Iain puts it. ‘They’re the styles that go with anything and you know you will wear often – great sweats, easy anywhere jeggings and leggings, and rib knits all do this job.’

Then there’s the more trend-driven styles that you want for right now – but at an affordable price. ‘The concept of buying into seasonal trends is easier when they are at a great price,’ says Iain. ‘Allowing you to buy into something of the moment without the price tag factor.’

The collection really channels the collective mindset for where we’re at right now, too – still very home focused, but starting to engage with the outside world more. ‘The joy of staying in, and cosy and comfort-wear feature highly,’ says Iain. ‘Then we’ve also designed to this idea of “2-mile wear” – clothes that move us from home to outside seamlessly.’ As for key pieces, Iain’s standouts are the denim jumpsuit – ‘a modern casual staple’; the teddy coats – ‘soft, cosy, practical and fun’; and head-to-toe tonal sweatshirt dressing – ‘simple, effortless and stylish’.

At home interview: Mini Moderns

Another real selling point with ANYDAY is its genuine sustainability – not always commonplace at this price point. ‘Sustainability is of the utmost importance to this collection,’ says Iain. ‘The teams have worked incredibly hard to deliver great value and fashion with really strong sustainability credentials.’ Much of the polyester used is recycled and the viscose is Ecovero – made from sustainable sources. At present, 66% of womenswear is considered sustainable – a percentage the team aim to build upon and improve with each collection. ‘This isn't about cheap, throw-away clothing, it’s styles that are right for right now, but will also last.’ 

At home interview: Mini Moderns


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