Good jeans: AND/OR’s commitment to sustainable denim

AND/OR jeans
Olivia Lidbury,-Fashion Editor

Responsibly-sourced fabrics and low-impact manufacture make for our most environmentally-friendly and sustainable range of jeans yet

Denim is such a staple in our wardrobes that many of us would find getting dressed without a pair of jeans almost impossible. But this timeless fabric doesn’t come without its environmental concerns, which is why we’re pleased to spotlight our in-house brand AND/OR’s collection of sustainably made styles.

‘We’re really proud of what we’ve produced,’ says Lauren Jolly, Partner & Buyer, AND/OR. ‘We wanted to do more for the planet and as these opportunities have grown, we’ve chased them.’

AND/OR jeans

What that means is using organic cotton, recycled polyester and Lycra over other fibres. And now for the science part: the benefit of organically-grown cotton is that it avoids the use of harmful chemical pesticides favoured in mass production, which contributes to water pollution. With recycled polyester, it’s obvious: it gives new life to pre-loved fibres and in many instances, stops plastic bottles being sent to landfill. The very small percentage of Lycra (also known as elastane) – which while it doesn’t possess super-green credentials – is a key component that gives stretch, offers comfort and means the jeans recover their shape wear after wear, making them longer-lasting.

Then, the revolutionary EMI (Environmental Impact Measurement) software by Spanish company Jeanologia is used to calculate the impact of each garment – both on the environment as well as on workers’ health. The amount of water, electricity and chemicals used to produce a pair of jeans is measured to grade an item. The majority of AND/OR’s pieces are graded low-impact, with just a handful medium-impact. In the interest of transparency, all of this information is relayed on the swing tag of every pair of jeans, providing at-a-glance knowledge for the customer.

AND/OR jeans

New styles for the season include the Catalina Vintage High Rise and the Venice Beach Boyfriend. The names take their cue from Los Angeles – the denim capital of the world – where the washes are devised. Industry expert Caroline Calvin works exclusively with the brand to create unique hues. New for spring are shades such as Summer Sky, a pretty faded blue and Ecru, which is a versatile off-white. Once the perfect shade is achieved, her ‘recipes’ are sent to the factory where the jeans are made.

Well-fitting, covetable jeans shouldn’t cost the earth – and the good news, for you and the environment, is that now they don’t.

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