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From homemade cards and film nights to some quality ‘me’ time, five dads talk us through their ideal Father’s Day this year

Father’s Day will be a genuine cause for celebration this year. Time to spend special moments with your dad and a huge contrast to last year in lockdown. Maybe you’ve hardly seen your own dad over the past 12 months. Or perhaps you’re a dad who’s spent far more time with the kids than ever before and craves a bit of free time (combined with some special family moments too, of course).

Whatever the circumstances, we have gift ideas to make them all feel cherished. Here’s to dads everywhere.


Client portfolio manager Rohit is married to Preeta and they live in north London with their two sons.

For Father’s Day, I’d really like to go out for a nice meal with my wife and my two boys and then find an activity that we can all enjoy. If the weather is good, it’d be nice to do something fun and adventurous, but I’ll settle for sitting in a park watching them quibble over who gets to go down the slide first. My eldest son is really enjoying cycling at the moment, so I’m in the process of trying to find a bike for myself so we can go on a cycling adventure together. That’d be a fun Father’s Day activity!

I’ll settle for sitting in the park and watching the kids quibble over who goes down the slide first.

Rohit Vaswani,-Dad of two

I’m a late riser, so having a lie-in would be a great start to the day, followed by a nice family brunch and possibly going to see some friends or family to give the kids a break from us (or us from them!). A trip to the gym is always a welcome break and energises me, while I’d love a nice home cooked meal with my wife when the kids are in bed to wrap things up. My wife often goes to bed before me and I then have some ‘me’ time either watching TV or reading a book.
To be honest, there isn’t much that I need but I haven’t bought any new clothes in over a year and I think I’ve forgotten how to dress (though that might be down to me being a middle aged dad) so if my kids (and wife) want to buy me some new clothes, I wouldn’t complain. I also wouldn’t mind a massage of some sort – working from home has meant I spend more time sitting on a chair so my back is ready for a break, that’s for sure!


Photographs of Rohit and Eddie are by Katrina Campbell for a lockdown project and her book When We All Stayed at Home


Freelance photojournalist Eddie (@olaleyemedia) lives in north London with his wife Chioma and their two daughters.

My idea of the perfect Father’s Day is breakfast in bed (fried eggs, toast, avocado and mushrooms) and all about sharing some quality time with my family. I really like the little handmade cards that my kids make me. They always do something super creative and I like it when they sneak off  the day before and go and make them. Art became a nice form of expression for us all as a family during the last year and it was a great way to bond. I’m a bit of a hoarder – I’ve got this drawer where I keep all the cards they make me for birthdays and Father’s Day which will be fun to look through one day when they’re older. 

Hopefully we’ll watch a film and go out for some food and ideally squeeze in a visit to our dads too. Father’s Day is for us to spend as a family without the pressure of homework or clubs. I seldom buy stuff for myself – all my money goes on my kids – but I wouldn’t object to a nice pair of bright socks, colourful shorts or some bike accessories. But I’d be happy with something homemade. 

 Gareth Watkins

Production editor Gareth lives in south London with his partner Sophie and their two daughters.

The last 12 months have been incredibly tough for everyone – mothers, fathers, kids, grandparents – all families have faced challenges that they’d never expected to face let alone been prepared for. Last year options for Father’s Day were limited, so this year it would be nice to do something, anything, a bit more adventurous than another trip to the park. For all my talk of being more adventurous, like most dads I’m a creature of habit and like to think I don’t ask for much.

This year it would be nice to do something, anything, a bit more adventurous than another trip to the park

Gareth Watkins,-Dad of two

So this Father’s Day (are you reading this, girls?) I’d love it if I was able to go for a run in the morning, followed up by an hour’s drumming practice (something that has sadly fallen by the wayside during lockdown). Invigorated by a morning’s ‘me’ time it would be lovely if we could go to a gallery, or a museum, or an owl sanctuary even, something we can all enjoy.

A pub tea (inside or out is fine depending on the weather) then back home for a quick chat to grandpa on Facetime then a cwtch on the sofa and a film. Then, after the kids have gone to bed and if I haven’t used up all my credit, it’s back-to back Alan Partridge until it’s time to turn in. The perfect end to the perfect day.

David Harwood

Take one dining table


David lives in Hertfordshire with his wife and daughters, Saffron and Bethan (Partner & Home Design Stylist at White City)

This Father’s Day will be extra special as we can have the whole family together. We never do anything big, but everyone always makes the effort to set the day aside. My perfect day would start with a breakfast of bacon and eggs, and a cup of tea. We would then sit around and open gifts – I really treasure the messages in the cards.

Afterwards I always love a bit of ‘me’ time, which is normally spent driving my sports car through the countryside. We will have a snacky lunch and then go out somewhere local in the afternoon. Dinner is often a roast as that is my favourite, and the whole family helps to prepare it. To finish off my perfect day we will play board games as a family, we love Uno, even though I never manage to win!


Graphic designer and project manager Simon lives in Yorkshire with his partner Alison and their son and twin girls.

Without falling into the mould of a stereotypical dad wanting to put his feet up and watch football, I’m looking forward to spending the day with three children under five running around the house and the garden with family. It would probably involve building an elaborate Hot Wheels track – and an ale or two.


I’m looking forward to spending the day with three children under five running around the house and the garden

Simon Auckland,-Dad of three

When I think about a perfect day I can only wish the children can be around lots of others on a warm sunny day at the beach, something we have been deprived of over the last year. My oldest boy loves the beach and the twin girls have yet to experience the sand between their toes and looking at the ocean. A day just for me would be restoring Italian motorbikes in the workshop listening to tunes on a sunny day.

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