How to make your bedroom feel like a retreat away from home

Hotel retreat style bed
Eleanor Cording-Booth,-Interiors Writer

Take a weekend break without leaving the house and give your bedroom that boutique hotel look

We bet that right now there’s nothing you’d rather do than step away from your dining table desk, lock the maths homework in a cupboard and wave adieu to the washing basket as you pack the car for a peaceful weekend at a boutique hotel.

When a hotel break isn’t an option, you can still create the same level of style and comfort at home. Picture a room where you can close the door on a stressful day and mentally transport yourself to an entirely different place, or at the very least, enjoy some quiet time in a room that's designed to be your own luxury retreat.

Bedside table and cushions

Make the bed the star of the show

First things first, prioritise getting the bed just right. We spend a third of our lives in bed so treat yourself to the best pillows, duvet and mattress that you can afford. That feeling of unadulterated bliss as you flop down at the end a long day is key to creating hotel-like luxury. If a five-star country retreat won't compromise on the plumpness of their pillows or the softness of their cotton sheets, then neither should you.

Finish the look with a statement bed frame. You could go for a contemporary four-poster or rattan bed – they’re back in a big way – to work with a clean, Scandinavian scheme. Or layer-up the textures with a plush upholstered bed and statement headboard in a striking jewel tone. Think of the bed as the anchor to your design scheme and don’t hold back when choosing yours – it should be the indulgent rest spot that you deserve.

Blankets folded on chair

Luxuriate in layers

The plushest boutique bedrooms have layer upon layer of texture. Mix and match tactile finishes such as sheepskin, silk, velvet and lambswool with a combination of throws, blankets, cushions and upholstery. ‘Work in luxurious materials and finishes to get a hotel-like feel and don’t hold back when it comes to cushions, even if deep down, you know you’ll be moving them off the bed each night,’ says Fionnuala Johnston, Partner & Senior Designer, Home Design Studio.

Before you start throwing velvet cushions at the bed, define your colour palette first. This might incorporate bright colours and bold print if that's what makes you feel good, or it might be a restful, muted palette of soft dusky pinks and blonde wood. We love to combine the two – a pared-back, neutral palette with a couple of favourite accent colours weaving through the scheme.

Occasional chair and plant

Make it personal

Boutique hotel bedrooms – even if compact – will usually define areas for relaxing, working or getting ready. These ‘moments’ make it easy to treat your bedroom as more than just a place to sleep. When you’re creating a hotel-style retreat, it should be designed around the way you like to relax.

You could style a cosy reading nook with an armchair, a side table with a lamp and a drinks tray, but don’t feel obliged to create that book-filled, technology-free space if that’s not how you prefer to wind-down. If 90s box sets are your thing, perhaps include a discreet TV such as a Samsung Frame, hang artwork that you love or set up a music corner with an old record player – invest in things you’ll actually enjoy using after a hectic day downstairs.          

Bedroom chest of drawers

Create a mood with finishing touches

There’s more to a well-designed bedroom than stylish furniture and space for a reading nook. The appeal of a hotel isn’t just a change from the humdrum; a great boutique hotel will appeal to all of the senses in order to make you feel pampered and restored. Classical music might be playing in the room on check-in, there could be chilled champagne waiting for you or scrumptious-smelling bath oils.

Think about sounds and smells that you associate with holidays or happy memories and try to tap into that feeling. Perhaps a scented candle or bath salts with a nostalgic fragrance that you love? Would you like a speaker or even noise-cancelling headphones? Don’t forget lamp lighting, too. Keep the light gentle and dimmable, with light switches and drinks tables close to hand so you don’t have to move from your cosy spot. Lastly, add a calming nod to nature with a potted plant or a vase of fresh flowers for a mood-lifting treat.

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