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Jamie Oliver


On 31 August, top chef Jamie Oliver paid a visit to John Lewis Oxford Street to showcase his skills in front of our customers. Cooking recipes from his latest book, Jamie shared his top tips and inside knowledge for simple, delicious meals using just a handful of ingredientsals for a Christmas with a twist

Jamie Oliver chopping ingredients

Let individual ingredients sing

If there’s one thing that Jamie stressed, it’s that delicious food doesn’t need to be complicated. Instead of adding lots of ingredients, the key is to know what not to put in. That way subtle flavours can be picked out, and the result is deliciously refined food that nourishes the soul.

Don’t be afraid to add your own twist

‘Food doesn’t need to be perfect in order to taste great,’ said Jamie. ‘I love the variations that arise when home cooks add their own personal touches to recipes rather than following them to the letter.’ Something as simple as swapping one ingredient for another can result in a completely re-imagined recipe that adds a whole new dimension to the dish, and this exploration of food is something he encourages.

Try something new - then share it

With technology advancing at pace, the world around us changes every year – and food isn’t exempt from this evolution. We asked Jamie what’s exciting him about food right now. ‘I think the way that the internet and social media have made it so easy to share recipes on a global scale is really exciting,’ he replied. ‘When I started out as the baby-faced Naked Chef, recipe books and TV shows told everyone how to cook. Now, we can explore food and cooking techniques from around the world in an instant, creating delicious meals that we can then share online ourselves.’

Jamie Oliver grating cheese

Cheffy secrets for home cooks

Jamie cooked three of his newest recipes: salmon fishcakes, garlic mushroom pasta and a silky chilli and crab omelette. All were one-pan dishes – in this case, the pan of choice was the Jamie Oliver by Tefal hard anodised frying pan. The non-stick coating of the pan means that oil doesn’t need to be used to prevent sticking, and rather, in Jamie’s words, ‘provides a kiss of flavour at the end of cooking.’

Jamie’s well-known love of Italian food came to the fore as he cooked his mushroom pasta dish. ‘Pasta in the UK is all about the likes of penne and spaghetti, but there are so many different types to explore,’ he said. For this particular recipe, he used trofie – little twisted pasta strands with ridges that hold sauce and flavour effortlessly. The secret to cooking perfect pasta? ‘Reserve some of the starchy water when you strain it after cooking, then add it to your sauce.’ You’ll wonder why you never did it before.

Jamie Oliver by Tefal Cookware

Something a little different...

We asked Jamie what his most unusual flavour combination is, and there was no delay in telling us: Cheddar cheese, freshly ground coffee beans and good-quality honey. According to Jamie, the fatty, salty cheese blends with the rich, bitter coffee and sweet honey to create an unexpectedly delicious fusion of flavours. ‘Give it a go’ he said, promising you won’t be disappointed if you do.

If you’re inspired to try your hand at some of Jamie’s recipes or you’d like to try out some new techniques, you can buy the full range of Jamie Oliver by Tefal hard anodised cookware online and in store. Ultra-durable with a solid aluminium core for superior heat distribution, the pans are suitable for all hobs, and come with the seal of approval from Jamie himself.