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fathers day edit gifts
Maggie Westhead,-Digital Editor

Whatever your dad’s style or interests, a well-considered gift will make him feel cherished

fathers day edit menswear

Dads. They come in all shapes and sizes, have a multitude of hobbies, interests and hairlines and yet, why is it so universally hard to buy them gifts? Father’s Day is the perfect time to show your dad how much he means to you. This edit, with tips from experts and real dads, should help. From noise-cancelling wireless headphones and standout shirts to design classics, there’s a gift to suit all tastes.


The statement shirt (he’ll actually wear)

A well-chosen shirt in your dad’s style is always a welcome gift. ‘If you’re not sure which way to go with a shirt purchase for your dad, then checks are a great place to start,’ advises Helen Seamons, Menswear Editor of The Guardian and The Observer. ‘Plaids suit most people and are easier to work into a wardrobe as you have at least two base colours rather than just one to style around. Stick to blue, black, white and red for a fail-safe combination. Use the online filter tools to narrow your search by price, size, style and colour. Scrolling through hundreds of shirts can be pretty overwhelming otherwise.’ We especially love Scotch & Soda’s twist on the traditional print.

fathers day edit aftershave

On the scent

There are two kinds of men when it comes to aftershave: those who like it and those who don’t. If your dad falls into the latter category, no amount of spritzing and enthusiastic wafting will entice him to wear it. Move on to the next section. If, on the other hand, your dad is partial to a scent, you can either go for his tried-and-tested favourite (see this selection of aftershaves) or introduce him to something he may not have tried. Think light and expensive-smelling such as Acqua di Palma or timeless and masculine like Givenchy Gentleman; both modern classics. ‘Acqua di Palma Blu Mediterraneo is my scent of choice from the classic perfumers and definitely on my list for Father’s Day,’ says father-of-two, writer and blogger, Robin Sherwood of @dandydadblog. ‘It’s a fresh, citrusy scent and happens to be named after my honeymoon destination. In other words, the perfect scent for summer.’

fathers day edit tech

Techy treats

Let’s be honest – a lot of dads out there get giddy over technology. And it’s easier than ever to treat him to a good-quality piece of multitasking gadgetry. Top contenders this year include a pair of Sony’s noise-cancelling headphones, a voice-controlled smart speaker such as the Amazon Echo Dot, and a Samsung Galaxy Watch that can pay for his morning coffee, order him an Uber, measure his heart rate and control the temperature in the house. ‘My ultimate gift for Father’s Day is a new set of wireless Powerbeats Pro earphones, as my daughter Ezra recently dropped my new ones in the dog bowl,’ says father-of-three and blogger, Greg Stanton (@london_dad). ‘I’d use them every morning when I run before the kids wake up. Having a bit of time is exactly what I need to set myself up to be the best dad I can be.’

fathers day edit cookware

Designs of the time

If your dad fancies himself as a bit of a style aficionado, a beautiful design gift that will last a lifetime could be spot-on. ‘If you want to avoid the more predictable Father’s Day gift options like socks or barware, go for a timeless piece for the home,’ advises interiors stylist Rory Robertson. ‘A sleek black Le Creuset will help him serve up his favourite dish in style. Alternatively, a classic Anglepoise is a forever favourite. The clever spring mechanism design looks as good today as it did when it was first designed back in 1932 and will work on any dad’s desk, workbench or bedside table.’

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