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Pancake Day

Wondering how to make pancakes and get them just right? Here's a selection of tools and gadgets to help you, along with some handy tips and delicious recipes

4 pancake pans for every budget

Whether you like to cover yours in lashings of melted chocolate, or opt for traditional lemon and sugar, it's getting the actual pancake right that's most important. Here are four fying pans designed especially for pancakes

3 handy pancake gadgets

Impress family and friends with your pancake making skills by experimenting with design and flavour. We've selected 3 of our favourite pancake-making tools, and have a whole other selection of Pancake Day essentials via the link below


Combines the strength of stainless steel and resiliant silicone  - £5.00

Top tips for how to make pancakes

- Eggs at room temperature disperse more evenly into the batter for a lighter texture

 - Don't over-mix the batter, or you'll develop the gluten, making your pancakes tough 

- To get consistent good sized pancakes, use a 1/4 or 1/3 cup measure for the batter

- Pre heat your pan 1 minute on a medium heat first before adding any oil or butter

- To avoid dry and tough pancakes, make sure the temperature is not too low

- Any leftover pancake mix may be stored up to a week in the fridge

Looking for a tasty pancake recipe?


Jamie Oliver's Tropical yogurt
and mango pancakes

Take a look


Light and fruity
blueberry pancakes

Take a look


Buttermilk pancakes
with caramelised bananas

Take a look