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How the way we listen to music has changed

Music on the move - the new norm

Ever since the explosion of rock and roll in the late 1940s, the release of an affordable phonograph, and the subsequent invention of the LP and the turntable, we’ve seen the invention of new music formats and equipment.

In 2017, the ways in which we consume music have changed almost beyond recognition, especially with regard to portability and music on the move.

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In your lap

if you want them to be, the days of vast CD collections and shelves full of vinyl are gone. Now, it’s possible to store the biggest music collection on the smallest laptop and take it with you wherever you go.

Dell’s XPS 13 convertible laptop is their smallest and lightest version yet, but it’s powerful enough to house endless back catalogues and quick to access your favourite albums instantly.

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Sounds smart

Smartphones such as the Apple iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S8 have reduced the need to carry around multiple gadgets, by combining a mobile phone, portable music player and internet browser in one.

Thanks to Bluetooth technology, they can connect with speakers and wireless headphones for an even more aligned experience on the go. And if you’re concerned about running out of juice by burdening your phone’s battery, then the Juice Weekender portable charger offers peace of mind for a top-up.

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Bluetooth broadcasting

One easy solution to playing music while you’re out and about is to stream your songs from a smartphone or laptop through a wireless speaker, via Bluetooth.

The Cambridge Audio YoYo does just that, relaying your music with the British audio firm’s famously high quality. It’s also compact and portable and, with a 100% wool cover, it looks great, too. The UE (Ultimate Ears) Megaboom speaker also operates via Near Field Communication (NFC), perfect if your phone has this functionality too.

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Cut the wires

If you want to listen to music privately, then you need a set of headphones. But not everything comes with an appropriate headphone socket or, in the case of some new smartphones, a socket at all.

That’s where wireless headphones are ideal. The Beats by Dr Dre Solo 3 headphones, for example, only need pairing with an Apple gadget once before connecting automatically each time after – perfect for your tunes to go straight from your iPhone to your laptop when you walk in the door.

We're now starting to see wireless in-ear phones too, like Motorola's VerveOnes+ which have a useful 33 feet of wireless range and are just the job if you’d prefer a more subtle look when you’re listening to music when you’re out and about.

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