A series of original pieces for the contemporary home; progressive in intent, beautifully designed and crafted. Design Studio Manager Philippa Prinsloo tells the story behind Design Project by John Lewis, and provides highlights for the autumn season

One Year On


Design Project by John Lewis launched in 2016,

but the thinking behind the series started back in 2014. We wanted to create a brand in John Lewis Home that would reflect a progressive approach to design and manufacture; a lasting collection that reflected our values as designers, and a committed belief in moving forwards in design to reflect how we live today and will do in the future.

We asked ourselves a lot of questions

like how we use our homes today, what will be different tomorrow. We considered what materials we want to be surrounded by, what did we want to see and touch, what should feel new, what should feel familiar.

We arrived at three core principles

These represented what was most important to us and directed each development: original, beautiful, progressive, the latter quality being our priority. We don’t want the series to stand still, but constantly evolve. We also want the collection to have a harmonious feel so that every piece works alongside each other, but also stands alone in their own right, alongside pieces that you may already own.

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For example, the No. 015 Modular Hallway System was driven by thoughtful consideration of common home activities – leaving and arriving. The shelf has a hidden magnet for your keys, and there’s also a mirror and coat hooks. Below the hook system is an optional bench and boxes for extra storage.

We wouldn’t have our collection without excellent committed manufacturers

The collection reflects a balance of the essential relationship between the designer, maker and buyer - the desire to do something new pushed everything along.

The products

Each individual piece should stand
the test of time

so we’ve always considered how people would use them in their daily lives. Sometimes this resulted in finding new solutions, or improving on what was already there. Either way, we believe it’s vital to consider both functional and aesthetic aspects at every stage of the design - so pieces that use space well and are intuitive in terms of how items are used naturally.

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This season’s highlights

There’s a new emphasis on textiles this season, with a focus on plain and semi-plain weaves with innovative constructions, and more in the way of rich, saturated colour tones like warm brick and soothing green. The new cushions, for example, includes screen-printed designs brought to life.

We’ve introduced a number of new decorative accessories like candle holders and
hand-blown pleated glass vases.

No.122 Reclining Chair with Footstool

The No.122 reclining chair is lightweight, with no bulky mechanisms. Its soft technology works naturally with you, so all you have to do is lean back
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No.099 Dimmable Bathroom Mirror

In the bathroom, the dimmable mirror has an infra-red sensor, so you just wave your hand to switch it on and off, and control the light levels
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No. 131 Pendant Light

The LED technology of the No. 131 dimmable pendant light means that the whole shade panel becomes illuminated - perfect for a pool of light over a dining table
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No.133 Easy-to-Fit Ceiling Shade

For the No. 133 Light shade, our brief was to create something light, airy and soft for a modern bedroom
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No.049 Bedroom Furniture Range
£199 - £899

Staying with the bedroom, we’ve introduced warmer tones by creating a walnut version of the popular No. 049 Bedroom furniture, including the space-conscious Valet with its hanging rack, shoe rail and mirror
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The range continues to evolve.

We’re thinking particularly about open-plan spaces, and making sure that we design pieces for the series that not only work together, but also stand alone to work with
what you already have.