New and exclusive

V&A inspired,
John Lewis designed

For AW17 we’re excited to introduce a new series of unique pieces, designed in house but capturing the creative spirit of the iconic Victoria and Albert Museum, the world’s leading museum of art and design.

Philippa Prinsloo (Design Studio Manager)
Introduces the series

The design team and I were excited to see the shift towards a more decorative interior style and we looked at this trend as part of our new Collector’s House interiors launch. The Victoria and Albert Museum is the ultimate collector’s house, a rich source of decorative design inspiration where you always discover something new, so we knew it was a good place to start.

Konoha Cushion £45.00 - coming soon

I went to the V&A with the studio team and we visited the galleries we were most drawn to. We considered what it was that interested us – was it the room’s architecture, the display case or the object inside, or even the story of the collector who donated the item? When you allow yourself to be inspired by lots of elements, you can think quite differently.

For example, the transitioning patterns on the Yama dinnerware reflect the experience of walking through the Museum – there is so much to look at, you leave with all these different stories.

We wanted to create a collection of individual pieces that would hang together with synergy. It was important that every piece was usable and relevant for today. The Yama side plate, for example, is the same shape as our Contour bone china range, so it complements it. We wanted to use modern technology, too – the Jack side table uses a laser-cutting technique to make marquetry design more accessible.

The art of display was another main theme, so there are a number of pieces that link back to this, such as the Fitzhenry collectors’ cabinet, the Paxton cloche table lamp and the Victoria magnifying jewellery dish.

Quality materials were absolutely key. Brass and gold are significant because when you walk through the museum, you see flashes of them everywhere. The Paxton lamp had to be crystal, as it’s inspired by the original Crystal Palace – the site of the 1851 Great Exhibition.

The textiles and wallpaper panel are inspired by the Japanese gallery. As traditional Japanese fabrics have a silky sheen to them, we’ve made sure our pieces play with light. There’s viscose in the rugs, the wallpaper has a metallic mica finish and the cushions are a mix of silk and linen or lustrous velvet.

Umi Rug L240 x W170cm £595.00 - coming soon

Victoria magnifying jewellery dish £50.00 - coming soon

Jack marquetry side table

This re-imagined version of a traditional marquetry pattern melds modern making techniques with artisanal skills. It's named after George Washington Henry Jack, a British Arts and Crafts designer who revived marquetry techniques for furniture design in the 19th century. The table top is laser-cut, then glued and assembled by hand. The base is brass-plated steel.

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Paxton cloche table lamp

This dimmable lamp’s mirrored smoked glass dome references the visual details, form and materials of the original Crystal Palace, home of The Great Exhibition of 1851. The profits of the exhibition helped fund the creation of the V&A. It’s named after Sir Joseph Paxton, architect of the Crystal Palace.

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Fitzhenry collectors’ cabinet

A modern interpretation of the beautiful display cabinets that grace many of the V&A’s rooms, inspired by Joseph Henry Fitzhenry, a keen 19th century art dealer, who presented his collections to the V&A. The back panel is crafted using modern routing and cutting techniques, re-creating the beauty of traditional marquetry. Made from solid walnut and walnut veneers.

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Jones wall light

When lit, this deceptively simple design casts dramatic patterns of light, mirroring the V&A’s rich heritage of Islamic art. The illuminated flower petal effect reflects the influence of Owen Jones, a champion of Islamic art. His work with the V&A, showcasing and celebrating Islamic artistic traditions, was hugely influential in popularising the style.

Jones wall light - coming soon

Yama side plates (set of 4)

Inspired by the V&A’s Japanese collections, these bone china plates with real gold detailing celebrate the beauty of nature and asymmetry alongside exotic or mythical creatures. They’re a perfect decorative accompaniment to our Contour bone china dinnerware.

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Victoria magnifying jewellery dish

Inspired by magnifying lenses in the V&A Silver Galleries; their purpose is to identify makers’ marks on silverware. Celebrating Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s love of collecting and displaying works of art, the Victoria invites us to look closer at the details, materials and craftsmanship of our possessions. The dish is made of marble, the pot is brass, with a magnifying glass lid.

Victoria magnifying jewellery dish - coming soon