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There’s no time like the present to get more of the good stuff into your diet, but let’s move on from carrot batons and chopping fruit and veg by hand: these kitchen gadgets rethink healthy food prep in exciting, fun and, best of all, easy ways

In a spin

For perfectly coiled carrots, courgettes, cucumbers and other semi-soft fruits and vegetables (note: they don’t all have to begin with the letter ‘c’), a spiralizer is the way to go. Transform nature’s bounty into neat spirals with just a few twists for delicious, decorative dining

Chop it like it’s hot

You don’t need pro knife skills to chop veg, nuts and herbs like a chef; you just need the Chef’n Pull and Chop slicer. Put your ingredients into the bowl, pop the lid on and pull the handle to chop to perfection. It’s great for making pesto and salsa, too

The slender slicer

For even slices every time, look no further than a mandoline. Made with a stainless steel blade that works just as well on hard vegetables as it does on soft fruits, this mandoline from Chef’n comes with a protective holder to shield your hands as you slice

The only tool you’ll need (for fruit)

With seven functions in one tool, this is a gadget-lover’s dream. Featuring a citrus fruit reamer, zester, cherry pitter, soft fruit peeler, an apple corer and a huller, it’s the Swiss Army knife of the fruit world. You won’t want to be without it


Who wants a normal food storage lid when they can have a strawberry-shaped one? This nifty – and fruity – silicone lid creates a vacuum on any smooth surface to keep food fresher for longer when you store it, and it even seals in heat for cooking. Result