What kind of sleeper are you?

how to choose the right bedding
Samantha Simmonds,-Digital Writer

After a dreamy night’s sleep? Our expert Partners help you choose the best bedding to suit your needs

If you’re looking to attain – and maintain – optimal health and wellbeing, quality sleep is crucial. Easier said than done? We hear you. With warmer nights, increasing pollen counts and the aches and pains that come from sitting all day at a desk (or the kitchen table), a good night's sleep can feel ever more elusive.

But whatever is keeping you up at night, help is at hand. From temperature-regulating bedding to specialist support pillows for aches and pains, weighted blankets for anxiety and anti-allergy solutions, our top tips will help you optimise your sleep.

Our expert buyers have defined six types of sleepers, from hot sleepers to sustainability seekers, to make the process of buying bedding more targeted. Select your sleep style from the below and find the answers you need.

I’m a hot sleeper

If warmer nights have got you feeling hot and sweaty, or you’re experiencing night sweats (which can be caused by the menopause or various health conditions) keeping your bedroom well ventilated and clear of clutter is key. We recommend keeping a window open or using a quiet fan to encourage air circulation, and investing in good storage solutions to optimise air flow.

As for bedding? ‘We would suggest mattresses, lighter tog duvets and pillows made with natural fibres such as linen, cotton or silk, which help to wick away moisture from your body and help with temperature regulation,’ says Unna Patel, Partner & Buyer. ‘We would also suggest avoiding foam or memory foam products as they are not so good at wicking away moisture.’

Top picks for hot sleepers

I’m a cold sleeper

Even if you feel the cold at night, it’s important to ensure your room is well ventilated. ‘We’d still suggest you keep a window open for air circulation,’ says Partner & Buyer Emily Wimborne. But don’t worry – natural fibres such as wool or cashmere will keep you warm and cosy. ‘During the summer months they wick away moisture to help with temperature regulation, but when it gets cooler they will keep you feeling snug,’ Emily explains. ‘If you like a cloud-like feeling then memory foam can also help you to feel cosy at night.’

It’s also worth looking at bedding made with temperature-regulating technology, which uses your body’s own infrared energy to help maintain your ideal sleep climate, for a more restful night’s sleep.

Top picks for cold sleepers

I have allergies

If you suffer from summer allergies or irritations, synthetic bedding options can help you sleep without sniffles. ‘We have a wide range of synthetic products that have the same feel as natural options, ranging from foams to polyesters,’ explains Unna. ‘All of our bedding, duvets and pillows are also machine washable. We’d suggest doing this every couple of months to minimise the risk of allergy symptoms recurring.’

Top picks for allergy sufferers

I have aches, pains, or anxiety

With so many of us working from home over the last year, more of us are suffering from back aches and pains at night. ‘Whether they’re caused by sports injuries, age or medical conditions, it’s really important to find bedding that offers optimal support and helps you maintain good spinal alignment,’ says Emily. ‘When possible, we would advise visiting a store and trying out different mattress and pillow options to ensure you’re getting the right support, and so that an expert Partner can help you make your choice.’ If anxious thoughts and worries are keeping you awake, a weighted blanket could help.

Top picks for aches, pains and anxiety

I’m a light sleeper

Forever being woken up by a restless partner? If you have significant differences in body weight or prefer different levels of support, overhauling your bedding could make a real difference to your sleep quality – we offer a range of bespoke split-tension mattresses and even duvets to suit your individual sleeping needs, both available to order in store. ‘If you don’t like wriggling, a memory foam mattress can help, as this moulds to your individual body shape,’ adds Emily. ‘It’s well worth investing in the biggest bed your bedroom will accommodate (ie. a King or Super King) and going into a store together to try the different pillow and mattress options available.’

Top picks for light sleepers

I’m looking for something sustainable

Sustainability is a growing concern for many of us. ‘Historically, mattresses and duvets have been exceptionally difficult to recycle, and many contain added chemicals to make them fire retardant according to regulations,’ explains Emily. ‘However, at John Lewis we’ve developed products that are made in the UK using sustainably sourced natural or recycled materials, which are naturally fire retardant and easy to recycle when they reach the end of their life cycle.’ So you can rest easy knowing you’re helping the planet while enjoying an exceptional night’s sleep.

Top picks for sustainability seekers

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