Croft Collection Skye Pair Lined Pencil Pleat Curtains

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Croft Collection Skye Pair Lined Pencil Pleat Curtains, Ochre

Croft Collection Skye Pair Lined Pencil Pleat Curtains, Ochre



Product description

Product code: 66134401

A lightly textured curtain in versatile, neutral shade. The soft lining lends a full look, improving drape and enhancing the vibrancy of the pattern.

Warm in winter, cool in summer
These curtains are made using a heavyweight fabric which, combined with the lining, gives them the benefit of being thermal. They protect against both heat loss and heat gain, regulating the temperature of your room so you’re kept warm in winter and cool in summer.

Choosing the right size
These curtains can be hung with a pole or track using curtain hooks (not included). There are three hook positions on the heading, allowing you to choose how your curtains sit against the track or pole. For example, if you're using a track you may want to use the middle or lower row of hooks to cover the track, whereas if you're using a pole you may want to use the top row of hooks so the curtains hang below the rings. The specified drop is taken from the top row of hook pockets to the bottom edge of the curtain.
The width stated indicates the size of one curtain panel when laid completely flat. This pack contains two panels, and the track/pole length we've recommended allows for the two panels to be gathered when the curtains are drawn. For a fuller look, increase the curtain width.

One pair of 167cm width curtains will fit a curtain track/pole size of 133-167cm

  • One pair of 228cm width curtains will fit a curtain track/pole size of 182-228cm
  • Croft Collection is beautiful and considered. Neutral in palette, tactile by nature, it evokes a relaxed feel you'll come home to forever.

    Worth knowing...
    We package our curtains in recycled materials to keep them protected whilst they make their way to you. This means that when they arrive there could be some creases in them. We recommend you hang them for a few days to allow them to flatten and for the creases to fall out. If after this period your curtains still show signs of being folded then follow the ironing instructions on the back of the packaging. Be aware that each style of curtain has different ironing instructions, including heat limitations according to the fabric, so do make sure you follow the guidance provided to get the best results.

    Do you need a curtain pole/track and accessories? Shop here.

    Product specification
    Croft Collection
    Country of Origin
    Curtain Heading Type
    Pencil Pleat
    Curtain Type
    Fabric Type
    Made to Measure or Ready Made
    Ready Made
    100% polyester. Lining 100% polyester
    Pattern Details
    Washing Instructions
    Dry clean only