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Dr Martens
Children's Boot Style
Ankle Boots
Children's Shoe Style
Footwear Type
Ankle Boots
Upper: Leather. Sole: Polyurethane

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Born of the shared passions of an industrious Northamptonshire family and two maverick German university friends, Dr. Martens boots embody the free-thinking, innovative ambition of their young creators. For three generations Dr. Martens have been the go-to shoe for bright young things who dare to be different.
Whether on the feet of Britpop trailblazers in the 90s or the children of the new millennium, Dr. Martens have never failed to make a statement. They’re a sign of engaged, forward-thinking young minds who know when to conform and when to stand out.
Since the invention of their air-cushioned sole, Dr. Martens have always striven to prepare young wearers for the big adventures headed their way. The future will bear no resemblance to the past that went before it, yet those who dare to face it head-on will often do so in a pair of Dr. Martens.
Size guideUKEU
-3 Jnr19
-4 Jnr20
-5 Jnr21.5
-6 Jnr23.5
-7 Jnr24
-8 Jnr26
-9 Jnr27
-10 Jnr28
-11 Jnr29
-12 Jnr31
-13 Jnr32

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