What is QLED

Samsung Qled TV


Samsung Qled

Introducing the new QLED TV with AMBIENT MODE

Immerse yourself in the action with the latest in home visual entertainment from Samsung. Whether you’re unwinding with your favourite box set or supporting your team from the comfort of your sofa, you can enjoy every detail in 100% colour volume. When your QLED TV is turned off, it will blend seamlessly into its surroundings with Ambient Mode.

Samsung Qled TV

What’s QLED?

Using Quantum Dot technology, Samsung QLEDs are able to deliver the brightest and most colourful picture to date. Experience the punchiest picture, whether you’re watching sport with sunlight streaming through the window or movies with the curtains drawn.

Samsung Qled TV

Make your TV disappear

Discover a TV that seamlessly blends into the room with Ambient Mode*. Ambient Mode elevates your living room with decorative content, useful information and photos, plus it can even mimic the texture of the wall behind it. In need of a little background music? No problem, this TV does it all.

*some features of Ambient Mode require a compatible Android or iOS phone and sufficient space around the TV to operate; it will have varying results on complex wall designs, patterns, and/or unusual colours. This is a simulated representation of Ambient Mode, actual results may vary.

See only the beautiful picture

One connection to manage all devices

Only Samsung QLED allows you to place your TV anywhere in the room with the One Near-Invisible Cable and the One Connect Box to manage all your devices. No longer constrained by aerial outlets and plug sockets, you can place your TV exactly where you want.

One remote to rule them all

One remote to rule them all

Control all of your compatible devices and content with the Premium One Remote Control. Multi-task with simplicity, changing channels on your set-top box, playing the latest blockbuster on your Ultra HD Blu-ray player, ramping up the volume on your Soundbar or simply surfing the web on the big screen.

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