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It could be said that the name Dualit is synonymous withthe word toaster, but there’s more to our ClassicToasters than making great toast.

In 1945, Dualit was born into a productive milieu as the UK basked in a post-war creative boom. It might seem crazy that something made for such a simple job could have reached cult design status, but it’s importantto remember that it's like a snapshot in the history of British design and manufacturing. In shape and methodology they’ve developed organically over the years, yet they’re still recognisable from those first pioneering models.

And it’s for partly this reason that, when buying a Dualit toaster, we believe you’re buying more than just a product that works well .

Dualit toaster
An early Classic Toaster from the 1960s

We were the first to include an integral timer way back in1950, and soon after the Dualit Classic Toaster became afamiliar feature in UK commercial kitchens, evenmaking it on board the QE2 in 1968.

Excellent functionality has always been one of Dualit’spriorities and we have never stopped innovating. In 2008,when our Classic Toaster won the Good HousekeepingDesign Superstar award, judge Helen Peavitt summed it up:

‘From the simple metal body to the clockwork timer, every partof this toaster is well thought-through. A perfect union of formand function means it’s stylish, tactile and easy to use. In ourthrowaway culture, it’s great to be able to nominate an appliancethat’s designed to last.’


For over 70 years we've been manufacturing thoughtfully designed, well-engineeredproducts for over 70 years now and DualitClassic Toasters continue to lead the way in innovation.Made from 141 components for the 2-slice and 168 for the4-slice, they've benefitted from improved technologyover the years and today’s models feature patented ProHeat®Elements.

These groundbreaking elements are covered with Mica,a natural mineral layer that protects the filaments,making them virtually unbreakable and easy to keep clean.They have a dramatically longer life than any other toasterelement available, and make sure that your bread is toastedmore evenly.

Dualit toaster
Dualit toaster

The manufacturing process of our Classic Toasters hashardly changed since the 1950s, with some machinery stillin operation after decades of use. The hand assemblyhas evolved thanks to developments in machinery andtechnology, to make it easier for the assemblers, with some parts now pre-made and ready to be inserted. On the base of each toaster is a platethat tells you the name of the assembler who built yourtoaster.


Consistent and thorough quality monitoring happens eachday in the factory; not only are the parts checked throughoutthe assembly process, but the machinery is also checkedat least 4 times a day to test the strength, thewelding and the quality of the outputs.

Our Classic Toasters are designed to be tough enough to cope with commercialkitchens, but if your toaster does need repairing, it can bereturned to us and where possible, the original assemblerwill look at it. We're proud of our dedicated and passionateworkforce, some of whom have been with the companyfor more than 30 years, and often include more than onemember of the same family, even spanning generations.

Dualit toaster

The main components of a Classic Toaster
ready for assembly

Dualit toaster

Made in 1973, this toaster is still in dailyuse

Our customers have family connections to Dualit too. Because they’re longlasting, we often hear of toasters being passed downthrough the generations, still giving good service decadeslater.

In a recent search for the oldest working Dualit toaster,we discovered one family using a toaster that was made in1973! Originally hand built by Dualit’s factory foreman atthe time, the fully working toaster had been handed downthrough 3 generations of the family and is still being used tomake breakfast every day, more than 40 years on.


The ‘NewGen’ Classic Toaster model is exclusive to
and enableseach slot to be used independently or as a personalisedcombination. No other toaster on the market offersthis choice; by selecting one slot instead of all four, powerconsumption is reduced by 60%.

You can buy a sandwich cage for theClassic Toaster, specially designed to make perfecttoasted sandwiches and easily toast smaller bread itemssuch as crumpets and muffins.We launched the Classic Kettle in 2014, designed to be theperfect partner to the Classic Toaster, with similar stylingand unique features.

Dualit toaster
Dualit toaster

The Dualit Classic Toaster can now be found in more than 50 countries , and we can make over 2000 toasters a week at our factory.

Lovingly used in homes, restaurants, cafes, hotels, first class cabins and even ona nuclear submarine, Dualit Classic Toasters have a dedicated following, passed down through generations with a few spare parts to keep themticking!

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