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The Dualit milk frother can help you make a whole host of drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos, luxurious hot chocolates or even milkshakes. It’s a useful accompaniment if you don’t have a coffee machine and want the option to add a luxury finish to instant coffee. Choose from hot milk, hot froth or cold froth, all produced in just two minutes. Thanks to Dualit’s patented technology, the milk frother is easy to clean – a rinse and a wipe is all it needs.

  • Patented, dual-speed motor automatically selects the speed for the result you want
  • One-touch, triple function button
  • Removable whisk, sealed drive and non-stick coating make foreasy cleaning
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Cordless, lightweight and compact for easy use

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    Dualit coffee


    For all kinds of coffee, tea and herbal infusions

    This touch-button coffee and tea machine gives you the option of using ground coffee, mess-free ESE pods, tea or coffee capsules. It’s compatible with Nespresso®* capsules as well as our own Dualit NX® capsules. Pre-programmed to dispense perfect measures of espresso, dual espresso and lungo, the machine does all the hard work for you.

    With a built-in steam and frothing wand, you can make a wide variety of drinks, from smooth latte and traditional English Breakfast tea, to the best hot froth for your hot chocolate.

    • Use a choice of ground coffee, ESE Pods, Dualit NX® Coffee Capsules or Fine Tea capsules
    • Compatible with Nespresso®* capsules (use the capsule piercer included)
    • Tea function to boost water temperature when using tea capsules
    • Programmable dosing memory
    • Automatic cooling purge when switching from tea to coffee
    • Easy to use steam wand
    • 1.5L capacity with removable water tank
    • Extra height for taller cups

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  • Dualit coffee


    For all kinds of coffe, tea and herbal infusions

    Decide the amount of tea or coffee you want in your cup with this manually-operated machine. A championof choice and versatility, the Dualit Coffee Machine is great ifyou like making coffee from ground and want control over the volume, but has the option to use fast and mess-free capsules and ESE pods when time is short. This machine makes a whole menu of coffee shop drinks from velvety lattes and frothy cappuccinos to the perfect froth for hot chocolate.

    • Use a choice of ground coffee, ESE Pods, Dualit NX® Coffee Capsules or Fine Tea capsules
    • Compatible with Nespresso®* capsules (use the capsule piercer included)
    • Pure Pour® technology creates smooth coffee streams for the perfect crema
    • Easy to use steam wand for hot, frothy milk
    • Thermobloc heating system gets the machine ready to use in 45 seconds, giving virtually limitless steam to froth your milk
    • 1.5L removable water tank
    • Extra height for larger cups

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  • Dualit coffee


    For coffee aficionados, grinding your own beans is paramount. Grinding beans just before using them preserves all of the natural oils and aromas that enhance every sip you take. Choose your favourite coffee beans and the conical burrs will grind them slowly, with reduced heat to preserve the flavour and aromas.

    • 250g capacity hopper (can grind up to 35 coffee portions)
    • 10 grind settings, ranging from coarse (for cafetieres) to fine(for espresso)
    • Portion control - just grind the amount you need
    • Removable burrs make it easy to clean
    • Easy, touch-button operation

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  • Dualit coffee


    Choose your favourite ground coffee blend and the percolator will brew your coffee, filling the room with rich aromas, and ready in 7 to 10 minutes.

    • 1.5L capacity makes 10 cups of coffee
    • Compatible with ground coffee and tea bags
    • Keeps coffee fresh and hot for 35 minutes after brewing
    • Automatically switches off after 45 minutes
    • Cordless operation with 360° swivel base
    • High quality, stainless steel body
    • Heatproof handle and large, heatproof ball knob with finger-guard
    • Oversized non-drip spout
    • Neon light turns orange while brewing, green when readyto drink
    • Transparent lid allows you to monitor coffee strength

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    Dualit coffee


    Makes Americanos, lungos, espresso, tea and herbal infusions

    If you need your morning coffee fix before you do anything else, this fast, easy to operate capsule machine is essential. A stunning machine to display in your kitchen and with the matching toaster and kettle completes Dualit’s ‘Classic’ family. You can use your favourite Dualit or Nespresso® capsules to make café quality espresso, lungo or tea.

    • High quality, polished, stainless steel body
    • Compatible with Nespresso®*, Dualit Fine Tea and NX® coffeecapsules
    • Makes espresso, lungo or tea at the touch of a button
    • Temperature boost for a hotter cup of tea
    • Programmable dosing memory
    • 20 bar pump
    • 1250 - 1450 watts
    • 1.2L removable water tank
    • Descale warning light and descale programme

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  • Dualit coffee


    For all kinds of coffee, tea and herbal infusions

    If you want the convenience of using coffee capsules but enjoy drinking frothy, milky coffee variations, this is the machine for you. The Café Cino has a built in milk frother that steams the milk to bring out the natural sweetness and creates dense, velvety froth - makes milkshakes too.

    • Dualit and Nespresso®* compatible
    • Simple, touch-button operation
    • Built-in milk frother (air volume 500ml)
    • Ready to use in 40 seconds
    • Programmable dosing memory
    • Tea function to boost water temperature when using teacapsules
    • Dedicated espresso, lungo, cappuccino and latte settings
    • Temperature boost for hotter, frothed milk
    • Thermobloc heating system
    • Automatic switch-off after ten minutes
    • Descale warning light
    • 800ml removable water tank

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  • Dualit coffee


    Our NX® Coffee Capsules deliver rich flavours that will turnany coffee drink into something special. Easy to use, they don’t make a mess andare compatible with Dualit’s range of coffee machines and all domestic drop-through Nespresso®* machines. We use only the finest coffee beans that are Fairtrade approved, and produce our capsules here in the UK.

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  • Dualit coffee


    Our range of ESE Pods make your morning coffee fuss-free and fast. Each pod contains 7g of freshly ground, gourmet coffee, so no need to worry about finding the right grind, measuring the right amount and tamping – simply place the pod in the holder and your ESE compatible coffee machine will do the work for you. A box includes 14 pods, each individually sealed to keep the coffee fresh.

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  • Dualit coffee

    * Nespresso® trademark is owned by Société des Produits Nestlé S.A. Suitable for Nespresso® drop through capsule machines, excluding professional machines and ‘built-in’ models.