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What is HDMI?

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. It is the standardised way of connecting high definition devices. Cables take the information from the source (e.g. Blu-ray player) to the TV.The great thing about HDMI is that it can be developed to cope with new TV technology, but this does mean you might need a new cable when you buy a new TV in order to experience all of the benefits.

Not all HDMI cables are the same

Not all HDMI cables are the same

If you’ve had your HDMI cable for a while, it may be of a lower spec (version) than the most up-to-date cables. When you buy a new TV you may need to upgrade your cable in order to
experience all of 

its features. HDMI is a technology that constantly has to be changed as our TVs evolve and get more sophisticated.

In fact there have already been 13 different standards of HDMI cables in just 12 years. But it goes beyond having just the latest, most up-to-date cable… our range has a number of unique
features and benefits.

If you don’t upgrade, your system may not be able to support newer technologies such as 4K picture resolution, higher frame rates and increased audio quality, meaning that you won’t get the best out of your new set.

The last HDMI cable you ever buy…

Selected models feature the Monster® Cable for Life™ performance guarantee.

This means that when future technology is beyond the capabilities of this cable, it will be replaced for you for new technology.

Unless this is the last TV you will ever buy, this is a great feature to look out for.

On top of that, all Monster® cables have a full lifetime warranty too. 

Monster lifetime logo and ball joint hdmi adapter

Want to get your TV close to the wall?

Most HDMI cables stop you from being able to mount your TV close to the wall as they point outwards and get in the way.

Look out for an included swivel adapter.

This adapter allows you to get the cable in and connected, but still mount your TV where you want to.