Buy Fisher & Paykel E402BLXFD4 Freestanding 70/30 Fridge Freezer, A+ Energy Rating, Left-Hand Hinge, 63.5cm Wide, Stainless Steel Online at

Fisher & Paykel E402BLXFD4 Freestanding 70/30 Fridge Freezer, A+ Energy Rating, Left-Hand Hinge, 63.5cm Wide, Stainless Steel

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1765 x 675 x 695mm

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The Fisher & Paykel E402BLXFD4 fridge freezer offers a generous fridge capacity of 273 litres and a freezer capacity of 91 litres, making it ideal for a family household. Adjustable shelves and storage compartments make it easy to fit all of your groceries inside in the most space-efficient way. Your fridge is at the top with the freezer below and the door hinge is on the left-hand side on this stylish model, designed with brushed metal handles.

ActiveSmart™ food care
Every time you open your refrigerator, the temperature around your food changes. ActiveSmart™ food care technology adjusts airflow to create a stable temperature, helping your food stay fresher for longer. This technology allows the fridge freezer to adapt to your lifestyle and respond to daily use. This means it only uses the amount of energy required to keep your food fresh and can save you money.

Easy clean
No more permanent dirty marks with the EZKleen feature for stainless steel fridges. Anti-fingerprint coating means you simply wipe clean any marks. Spill-safe secure glass shelves easily capture any drips or leaks.

Humidity control
Your fruit and vegetables need different environments. The humidity control slides in each storage compartment create a microclimate that helps keep food fresher for longer.

Energy efficient
Your fridge adapts to daily use by cooling and defrosting only when needed. This means your fridge uses the energy it needs without compromising on food care. The appliance has an energy-efficient A+ rating.

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