Buy Fisher & Paykel RF402BRPU Freestanding 75/25 Fridge Freezer, A+ Energy Rating, 64cm Wide, Right Hinge, Stainless Steel Online at

Fisher & Paykel RF402BRPU Freestanding 75/25 Fridge Freezer, A+ Energy Rating, 64cm Wide, Right Hinge, Stainless Steel

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H172cm x W63.5cm x D69.5cm

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Combining functionality and style, the Fisher & Paykel RF402BRPU Fridge Freezer boasts sleek lines, plenty of cool space and a variety of impressive features.

Flexible storage
Thanks to easy access, wide shelving, the RF402BRPU can hold a large family shop with ease. The fruit and vegetable compartments sit on full-extension runners that allow you to see inside the entire draw and make packing and unpacking a breeze. Similarly, the easy-open freezer contains quick-access drawers for unbeatable organisation. It even boasts SmartTouch controls in the interior for added control and flexibility.

ActiveSmart foodcare
ActiveSmart technology uses a microprocessor combined with interior sensors, independently controlled variable speed fans and multiple air ducts to control the temperature of the refrigerator based on changing patterns of use. Temperature sensors send information to the microprocessor to maintain consistent coolness even when doors are opened. With continuous feedback, ActiveSmart can respond to your daily routine, so it only uses the amount of energy necessary.

Humidity control
The humidity control system allows fruits and vegetables to be managed separately by creating just the right environment for them to be stored and preserved in, for example, optimum levels of airflow and condensation are maintained. The Humidity Control System combined with ActiveSmart creates a microclimate in each drawer, keeping your fruit and vegetables at their best for longer.

Easy cleaning
Removable, spill-safe glass shelves are easy to clean and are able to contain any drips and spills. Additionally, the storage bins and stainless steel doors can simply be wiped down to keep a spotless appearance.

Water dispenser
The RF402BRPU boasts a slimline water dispenser that distributes water at 45-degree angle so large containers can still be filled. It's even plumbed from the back of the unit, so no precious fridge space is lost.

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