Buy Fisher & Paykel RF605QDUVX1 4-Door American Style Freestanding 70/30 Fridge Freezer with Water and Ice Dispenser, A+ Energy Rating, Stainless Steel Online at

Fisher & Paykel RF605QDUVX1 4-Door American Style Freestanding 70/30 Fridge Freezer with Water and Ice Dispenser, A+ Energy Rating, Stainless Steel

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H179 x W90.5 x D69cm

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Store away your weekly shop in the Fisher & Paykel RF605QDUVX1 4-Door American-Style Freestanding Fridge Freezer.

Ideal for large households, this spacious American-style fridge freezer offers plenty of room with 337 litres of fridge capacity and 159 litres of freezer capacity for a 70/30 split between the two sections. The fridge has 5 shelves and 2 salad drawers as well door balconies for your everyday essentials. There are 6 freezer drawers for all your frozen items.

This premium fridge freezer will transform your daily life and your culinary routine. The RF605QDUVX1 features ActiveSmart Technology to keep food fresher for longer, a Variable Temperature Zone (four independent food modes for optimal storage) abd and perfectly flat doors for a less intrusive fit.

The freezer section has frost free technology - so no more manual defrosting.

Water and ice dispenser
Enjoy chilled water and ice whenever you need it.

A+ Energy Rating
Put the freeze on your energy bills and help the environment - this fridge has an A+ energy rating.

Variable Temperature Zone
With just a touch of a button, you can easily convert this compartment to suit both everyday needs and special occasions as well as different food types. Choose from Freezer, Soft Freeze, Chill and Fridge modes.

The Quad Door Fridge features four food modes, providing flexible cooling to suit the way you shop, cook and entertain.

Fridge Mode - 0 to 6°C
Fridge Mode is best for everyday items such as fruit and vegetables, dairy-products, meats, preserves and drinks.

Freezer Mode: -21 to -14° C
Freezer Mode is the most suitable mode for everyday frozen foods that require storage between 1 to 12 months. Store frozen foods such as meat, poultry, seafood, precooked foods, frozen fruits, vegetables and ice cream.

Chill Mode: -1.5 to 0° C
Chill Mode sets the temperature as close to freezing as possible to retain freshness in highly perishable seafood and meats, and for storing alcoholic drinks - perfect for entertaining.

Soft-Freeze Mode: -8 to -6° C
Soft Freeze Mode is for food that requires a gentle freeze and quick thawing. This mode allows easy portioning and the ability to heat, cook or serve straight from the compartment, without waiting for it to thaw.

ActiveSmart Foodcare learns
This technology understands how you use your fridge and adjusts temperature, airflow and humidity inside to help keep food fresher for longer.

Easy one-touch control panel
Use the inside conveniently-located control panel. View and modify the features and options to suit your needs.

Flexible storage
You can configure your fridge freezer to suit your changing needs.

Ultra slim water dispenser
The easy-to-use slimline water dispenser offers an angled water delivery that will suit almost any size or shape of vessel (while taking up no storage space in the door).

Design quality
Fisher & Paykel’s fridge freezers are designed and built using quality materials. They use real stainless steel, illuminating LED lighting and solid glass for the interior shelving.

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