Buy Fisher & Paykel RF610ADJX5 American Style Freestanding 3-Door 70/30 Fridge Freezer, Stainless Steel Online at

Fisher & Paykel RF610ADJX5 American Style Freestanding 3-Door 70/30 Fridge Freezer, Stainless Steel

5 year guarantee included

The size of the space needed for the appliance to fit

H181 x W94 x 62cm to chassis not doors

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An American style freestanding fridge-freezer RF610ADJX5 from Fisher & Paykel, with lots of handy features to make your life easier.

A+ Energy Rating
An A+ energy efficiency rating helps to control your energy bills. Check the product specification to see how much it might cost per year to run the appliance.

Frost Free
This device doesn't need to manually defrosted - it cleverly circulates air to prevent frost from forming in the first place.

Fan cooled
Fan cooling technology in the fridge keeps air circulating for an even temperature throughout the cavity, so no colder or warmer spots.

Generous capacity
The fridge's capacity is 414L. We estimate the a 1 full shopping bag is about 18 litres of capacity. The freezer compartment's capacity is 130L.

Door orientation
The door orientation on this appliance cannot be switched, so ensure there is enough space wherever you are planning to locate it.

Backing material
Every fridge-freezer we sell is backed either with metal or with aluminium laminate. This model is backed with metal.

Safety glass shelves
Shatter resistant safety glass is used for the shelves, a sensible choice for those with young children.

Temperature a glance
An LED temperature display ensures your food is keeping cool.

Integrated Ice Dispenser
This appliance's integrated water cooler and ice dispenser will save you fiddling around with ice cube trays.

Holiday mode
Holiday Mode helps to conserve power when you're away from home for a long time.

Fast Freeze
By freezing food faster, fresh or unfrozen products maintain their taste and texture as ice crystal formation is reduced compared to slow freezing.

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