ILVE Milano PD10FNE3/SSC Double Oven Dual Fuel Range Cooker, A+ Energy Rating, 100cm, Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel

Buy ILVE Milano PD10FNE3/SSC Double Oven Dual Fuel Range Cooker, A+ Energy Rating, 100cm, Stainless Steel Online at

ILVE Milano PD10FNE3/SSC Double Oven Dual Fuel Range Cooker, A+ Energy Rating, 100cm, Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel



H92 x W100 x D60cm

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The Milano PD10FNE3 100cm-wide dual fuel range cooker has six high-quality solid brass burners, two large ovens and traditional finishes in chrome.

Famous for handmade built-in and freestanding ovens, ILVE is the quintessential Italian brand for those who are passionate about cooking. Each ILVE range is hand-built by an individual craftsman at their state-of-the-art factory near Venice. Consequently, they have a well-deserved reputation for quality, and the overall integrity of every component is very clear, from the metal controls to the triple-glazed doors and gentle hum of the ovens.

Design features
The Milano includes ILVE's E3 precision temperature control, allowing you to adjust the temperature from 30°C to 300°C in just five-degree increments, with minimal temperature fluctuation. The cooker has soft-close, pull-down oven doors and a full-width storage drawer thoughtfully designed with the home cook in mind.

Oven function
The left-hand fan oven has a generous 65-litre oven capacity and the right-hand static oven has a 57-litre capacity and includes a rotisserie spit for cooking joints of meat. Both ovens have electric grills, slow cooking options and top and bottom heating. There's a choice of 15 oven functions including quick start and rapid heat-up that heats to 200°C in six minutes. The pizza setting mimics a traditional pizza furnace at 300°C for baking pizza, focaccia and other types of bread. The range cooker's baking setting uses a circular fan element to distribute heat evenly. With the steam discharge vent, you can control the oven humidity by eliminating condensation when cooking a high water-based dish like a stew or by retaining the moisture when baking bread. A programmable timer with minute minder means you can tailor the start or end time of your meal. The oven includes dual-height halogen lighting to more easily view the interior.

Easy clean
The oven's interior is similar to cleaning a non-stick pan due to its easy-clean enamel oven lining. The burners feature a black nanotechnology coating that makes them non-stick, easy to clean, durable and highly resistant to fire. The oven doors have removable glass for easy cleaning.

Hob details
The dual-fuel model features six high-quality, cast-iron individual pan supports and robust, efficient gas burners: 1 x 4.3kW large burner, 3 x 3kW medium burners and 2 x 1.8kW small burners. With multiple sizes, the cooker can easily manage everything from making stovetop coffee to slow-cooking casseroles and using a wok at high temperatures. ILVE has left plenty of room on top for a smooth stainless steel griddle for frying.

Safety features
ILVE's cookers are designed to ensure the safety of its users, including a fascia fan to keep the controls cool. The oven doors are cool-to-the-touch with triple-glazed glass and the burners feature a flame safety decide to shut off the gas if the flame goes out. Finally, every ILVE cooker features a child safety lock, for peace of mind.

Important installation information
Please be aware that this range cooker requires a 25-amp fuse, so you would need an electrically trained engineer to help you fit your new appliance.