Indesit Innex BWE 71452 W Freestanding Washing Machine, 7kg Load, A+++ Energy Rating, 1400rpm Spin, White

Buy Indesit Innex BWE 71452 W Freestanding Washing Machine, 7kg Load, A+++ Energy Rating, 1400rpm Spin, White Online at

Indesit Innex BWE 71452 W Freestanding Washing Machine, 7kg Load, A+++ Energy Rating, 1400rpm Spin, White

2 year guarantee included
2 year guarantee included


H85 x W59.5 x D54cm

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Indesit know that it doesn't matter where you buy your clothes from; they'll only look and smell as good as the machine that they're washed in. That's why, for this washing machine, the Italian company have designed it with clever energy-saving technology and various wash programmes tailored to your needs. Special stain removal, denim, eco, cotton, wool; everything you'll need to keep your wardrobe at its best.

Freestanding Design
This freestanding washing machine sits on its own, stacked or under the counter. You can place it anywhere where there’s a connection, which means they’re great if you move house as you can just disconnect and go.

1400rpm Spin Speed
Spin speed refers to how quickly the washing machine’s drum can rotate in order to remove excess water out of clothes. The 1400rpm on this machine makes it ideal for doing everyday laundry, drying tees and shirts just enough so that clothes don't come out dripping wet whilst still ensuring not to damage the fabric.

Automatic Load Adjustment
Staying resource conscious in everything laundry-related, Water Balance Plus will adapt the amount of water used according to each cycle’s need. Ensuring there’s minimal wastage, it helps save money on your bills.

Digital Display
Smart and stylish, the LED digital display shows how long your cycle has left, and the progress of the timer delay, making planning your cycle much simpler.

Special Stain Removal Programme
Split a bit of chocolate on your favourite white tee? No worries - Indesit's innovative Push & Wash programme removes stains in just 45 minutes - no need to pre-treat or scrub. Just press the dedicated button for two seconds and the washing machine will automatically start a 30°c cycle that’s perfect for cotton and synthetics.

Quick wash cleans clothes in under 30 minutes
It's Sunday night and you've just realised you forgot to wash the little one's school uniform. No worries: the quick wash option has you covered. Cleaning clothes in under 30 minutes, the high-speed spin shortens drying times to ensure you'll never be short on a shirt or skirt.

Delicate & Special Wash Programmes
Including dedicated cycles for hard-wearing denim and sportswear, this machine provides a wash that gets between the tough fibres to deep clean and restore vibrancy. There’s even a cycle just for your trainers, removing odours and marks to give your shoes a new lease of life.

Timer Delay Function
Want to keep your laundry smelling at its freshest? Use the time delay option to ensure you're not leaving your favourite tees and jeans damp in the washing machine for hours on end. It'll liberate your schedule and also let you take advantage of off-peak electricity rates.