A to Z of Christmas directory
Q is for Quick updates on your home

Pamper guests (and yourself) with stylish yet affordable accessories that transform interiors just in time for Christmas.

Our House by John Lewis range has bed and bath accessories that will ensure your guests feel at home. And our towels and bedding ranges allow you to make a colour splash without splashing out.



Crafting has enjoyed a huge revival, and the art of quilting is no exception. We have kits, accessories and fat quarters for keen quilters. (And yes, they'll know what a fat quarter is.)

Quit days out

An experience day doesn't have to involve whizzing around a race track or scaling The Shard.

It can also mean a pampering spa day designed to relax and rejuvenate - buy one for a friend or even for yourself as a post-Christmas pick-you-up.

Quiet days out