Origins Clean Energy Cleansing Oil

[No.1] Always remove your make-up before going to bed

Under no circumstances should you go to bed with a fully or even semi made-up face. Whether that means leaving your waterproof eyeliner on, or even a smudged lip stain with foundation even the slightest bit of make-up will clog your pores. So, if you’re short of time, and want a cleanser to dissolve through all the day’s grime, try Origins Clean Energy Cleansing Oil to remove pollutants, and because it’s oil-based it will melt away waterproof eyeliner and mascara as well.

Protect your skin

[No.6] Protect your skin

Daily sunscreen is a must, especially if you’re an outdoorsy type venturing out on country walks of jet setting off to the slopes for some skiing action. The sun’s UV rays can still shine through the clouds and are easily reflected back from snow and water.

bath oils
Damage control

[No.10] Damage control

Regularly dying your hair or using heated straighteners or curlers will make the structure of hair weak and dull. Give hair a conditioning spritz with our heat protection hair sprays to add life and bounce back to your lustrous locks.

Top 10 beauty commandments

Make-up’s great; it helps you to look a better, fresher version of your natural self. However, from time to time we’re probably all guilty of cutting corners and committing a beauty sin. Here are 10 tips to help you get into good habits and become a
beauty goddess.


[No.3] A crime not to prime

If you’ve carefully selected your foundation, and spent a small fortune on your make-up you’ll want to make sure it stays put on your skin. Primers will give your make-up staying power and help it to glide on smoothly, some also control shine or correct dullness.


[No.5] The smooth fake

For the perfect fake tan, exfoliation is a must. It will not only get rid of dead skin cells, but it will help to refresh your skin while making sure that the tan won’t take to certain areas like your elbows or knees.

[No.8] Rejuvenating baths

Frosty cold winters are perfect for treating yourself to a warm bubble bath. The offence here is not indulging in some much needed time away from it all. Soak yourself in Dr.Hauschka’s nurturing bath essences. They’re all enriched with essential oils to soothe your mind and soul while leaving your skin silky smooth. If your skin needs nourishment, finish off with Estelle & Thild’s Bergamot Body oil to seal in the moisture. It comes in an uplifting scent.

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Clarins Extra Comfort Foundation, 103 Ivory

[No.2] Seasonally update your make-up bag

We’re very good at updating our wardrobe and throwing away old clothes, but when it comes to our make-up bag we keep using the same old foundation and creams that we’ve used for as long as we can remember.
Just as we dress according to the weather, we also need to change our make-up as a new season begins. When the weather cools, and the wind gets harsher your skin will be crying out for some nourishing care. Swap your daily moisturiser for soothing omega enriched facial oils and serums to stop skin from flaking and drying out. Use a moisturising foundation like Clarins Extra Comfort Foundation which has anti-aging properties and contains organic argan oil.

Bruch Cleansers

[No.4] Tool box maintenance

If you use a foundation, lip or eye shadow brush daily, then a good cleanse ideally after each application is good practice. Give our brush cleansers a try, or for a lazy but equally good daily cleanse brush your applicators over some gentle face wipes, just remember to give them a thoroughly good all-over clean once a week.

[No.7] hand and nail care.

Hands and nails are put through their paces every day so treat them withBliss’ rangeof softening butter and glamour gloves and softening socks

Hand care
Hand care

[No.9] Anti-Aging creams

If you’ve got great skin it’s certainly a sin not to keep it that way, and if your skin needs a little help, anti-aging creams and serums will boost radiance and decrease lines and wrinkles.