BB versus CC creams

Alphabet wars: BB versus CC creams

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If you want a more radiant and flawless complexion but less hassle you might be confused by all the different creams, liquids and gels on offer at the beauty counter these days. And especially so with the new range of BB, CC creams and tinted moisturisers.

So what's the difference between these 'alphabet creams'? Sometimes it's very hard to tell them apart, except from their labels! As this is a general guide, my advice is to always try a product to make sure it flatters your complexion and feels good on your skin. But there are a few factors which may sway you one way or another.

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CC creams or 'colour correctors' balance out and reduce your skin issues

Ole Henriksen's Perfect Truth CC crème

Why not try
Ole Henriksen's Perfect Truth CC crème


With BB and CC creams they are both slightly heavier in texture than tinted moisturisers, but are lighter than foundations (with the CC cream being slightly lighter than be BB cream) so they're great if you prefer a natural, and brighter complexion without looking fully concealed and made up. Also when it comes to packaging they normally come in a plastic tube making it much more portable and lighter to carry in your handbag.

Now what's the true difference, and what makes them unique? BB creams, or 'beauty balms' can be used as a primer, moisturizer or a foundation, and a lot of them do come with sun protection like Kiehl's Correcting and Beautifying BB cream with an SPF of 50, or for a lighter SPF value choose Diorskin's Nude BB crème with an SPF of 10 which is better for colder months when the sun is in hiding.

BB creams really are the perfect pick-me-up. They will give you a fresher, more natural glow, and you won't have to buy a foundation plus a highlighter as it combines the best of both worlds. BB creams are the ultimate complexion enhancers.

On the other hand CC creams or 'colour correctors' balance out and reduce your skin issues, be it a dull, sallow complexion, spots, blemishes, an uneven skin tone or redness and dark age spots. So if you have a combination of these symptoms, opt for a CC cream. Why not give Ole Henriksen's Perfect Truth CC crème a try, it will brighten, while giving your skin an antioxidant protection to deal with fine wrinkles and fatigued skin.

Some other CC creams like Origins Smarty Plants CC Skin Complexion Corrector can multi-task by hydrating the skin, minimizing the appearance of pores, while also improving your skin tone with added vitamin C and E and plant based minerals.

So whether you end up choosing a BB or CC cream, just make sure it targets your skincare needs. You may need one with a high SPF factor, or just a light cover under the eyes, or perhaps extra luminosity. Take a few minutes to give them a try and find the best solution for you.