Choosing your Fragrance

What does your fragrance say about you?

Portrait - Cindy Chan

Cindy Chan

Copy producer,

Scent, unlike make-up or clothing, is an invisible veil that ‘speaks’ volumes. Spritz on your favourite perfume and you’ll be transported to a time that’s memorable and special to you. Personally I feel unfinished without my signature scent.

It's like I’ve stepped out the door and neglected to brush my hair, or left my sparkly jewellery on the dresser while heading out to a party. And because our olfactory receptors are inexplicably intertwined with long lost memories, a moment in time, people and places we’ve visited, the perfume you choose says a lot about you.

The scent that you’re easily drawn to (without over-thinking, or trying too hard), is very like your autograph; your own individual mark conveying the kind of person you are, and your preferences. So what does your perfume say about you?

Zest Scents

A zest for life

Citrus notes portray an instant freshness that’s both uplifting and mood enhancing. The tartness of the fruits and blossoms adds optimism and lightness making it perfect for those who have a tendency to be lethargic. While the sharpness of notes like mint, and lime can help clear the mind.

An island escapade

If you easily gravitate to the aqua notes of the sea, then you’ll most likely

be a, go -getting outdoorsy character. A fresh burst of ocean breeze is a clean and modern accord that appeals equally to both men and women alike and is wonderfully rejuvenating.

Island Purfumes
Island Purfumes
Musk Scents

Fly me to the moon

Subtle florals, be it jasmine, powdery roses or freshly-picked tuberose are created for more feminine and romantic natures. Dreamy and starry-eyed, most floral fragrances add a whimsical and airy element to the picture.

Musks Scents

Mysterious, delirious

Prefer a more mystical, richer, intoxicating accord? Then musks and amber notes (part of the oriental family) may just be your thing. These aromas suit more exotic personalities. Their captivating and heady perfume is both sophisticated and seductively alluring.

Take me home

The scent of wood takes me back to blazing cosy fires, curled up on a sofa on a snowy cold night, or sharpening a beloved old pencil. From cedarwood, sandalwood, oud (an incense derived from agarwood) or guiac wood…woody scents are usually favoured by men. Their robust and earthy notes are grounding and no-nonsense, compared to other airy balms.So next time you’re perusing the fragrance department, let your heart be led by your nose and then you’ll instinctively know it will lead you in the right direction.

Woody Purfumes