Easy Festival Glamour

Cindy Chan

Online Copywriter, johnlewis.com

Shower essentials

3. Shower essentials

It might be optimistic to think you’re going to have a shower never mind moisturise, but it’s worth taking some travel size goodies with you just in case the opportunity arises. 

Face wipes

4. Face wipes

Face or hand wipes are a must for make-up or spills. This one comes with a handy re-sealable lid.


5. Mirror

Our simple double compact mirror is perfect for quick touch ups. It also folds up and saves space. 

Dry shampoo

6. Dry shampoo

If you’re camping, and have no time or water to wash your hair, try this dry shampoo spray from Ojon. It will freshen your hair in minutes.

Toiletries bag

7. Toiletries bag

A clear wash bag means it will be quick and easy to find all your essential items without rummaging around. Or if you prefer a more discreet but pretty toiletries bag, this one by Tender & Love comes with a framed top and mirror.


8. Perfume

If smelling nice is important to you, then don’t forget to bring your favourite scent with you. Decant it in our mini purse atomizer.

Once you’re all prepared, and the essentials are taken care of, you’ll be sure to enjoy any festival.