Top 10 Tips for Pretty Perfect Nails

Cindy Chan

Website Copy Producer,

Dr Hauschka Moisturising Day Cream


For smooth hands and well conditioned nails, make sure you use a good moisturiser. A soothing nail oil is a lovely treat and will really soften your cuticles to help promote growth. Apply it in the evening, before bed, to let it soak in and work its magic.

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2.Tidy / neaten

Your cuticles, the skin immediately around the fingernail, contribute to a healthy nail and a neat appearance. Make sure your cuticles are well  moisturised before gently pushing them back with a special cuticle stick. When filing your nails, make sure you only file in one direction and avoid going back and forth as this will weaken and split your nail. Invest in good quality tools to make the task simple.

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3. Strengthen

You don’t have to put up with chewed or brittle nails. To deter nail biting try Mavala’s Stop Nail Treatment. Or use a nail strengthener either as a top or base coat for extra protection.

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4. Buff

Buffing gives your nails a natural shine without the need for polish. It also helps to even out any ridges that your nails may have. Our Natural Manicure Set will buff your nails to perfection.

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5. Fake It

If you’ve got a special occasion coming up and not enough time to naturally get your nails shipshape then you can always cheat a little.  Elegant Touch false nails will give you glamorous nails, and best of all you can choose whether you want to glue them on for long term wear or simply use the adhesive tabs for a week’s wear.


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8. A burst of colour

The great thing about nail varnish is that you can experiment with different shades and finishes, safe in the knowledge it can easily be removed if you don’t like it. Our wide range of  nail varnish shades  from classic reds to big and bold saturated colours will boost your mood and brighten your look. So let your hair down and have fun with colour.


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9. It’s all about the detail

To get a professional look it’s important to keep edges tidy - you don’t want nail varnish glooping over the sides! So use a nail pen which can be filled with nail varnish remover for quick and easy touch ups.



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10. Keep it fluid

When you’ve used and reused your favourite nail varnishes, they can end up with an uneven and slightly thick consistency. OPI have ingeniously created a Nail Lacquer Thinner to make sure your favourite nail colours keep running smoothly.