It's all about the eyes

It's all about the eyes

Portrait - Cindy Chan

Cindy Chan

Content Producer, Fashion

Well-shaped, cared for brows can completely transform a face. Many of us have over plucked or neglected brows that simply need a little TLC to get them back to their best.

I decided to give myself a treat and find out what to do with my unruly and sometimes furrowed brows, having never been to an eyebrow bar ever before. I stepped into the Blink Eyebrow Bar at John Lewis Oxford Street doe-eyed and cautious. (You’ll find a Blink Eyebrow Bar in 7 of our shops: Oxford Street, Peter Jones, Stratford City, Milton Keynes, Cheadle, Newcastle and Reading).

But I needn’t have worried when I was greeted by a very knowledgeable lady who asked what style of brows I admired (think thicker and fuller - the Cara look) and was given a very relaxing shoulder and temple massage in between treatments which immediately put me at ease.

After my consultation, I was given an eyebrow tint (you can ask them to darken or lighten your brows to match your hair colour accordingly). Then I was introduced to an ancient Indian threading technique that uses a thread to simply and quickly pluck out any unwanted hair. Finally my eyebrows were trimmed to perfection. I was honestly quite surprised how much hair I had, but was told some hairs were so light or thin, they are only noticeable when you dye them.

Of course professional advice is always helpful, even if you’re just growing your brows because the therapist can guide you in the tools and aftercare to help you achieve your desired shape.

Hourglass’ Brow Sculpting Pencil

But in between your salon visits, you can do some grooming yourself. Fill in slender brows with Hourglass’ Brow Sculpting Pencil in 3 shades with a brush at the end to neaten your look. Then fix the look with the NARS Brow Gel which will keep each strand in place.

Japonesque’s Professional Eye Detailer NARS Brow Gel

If you prefer a gel/wax like texture than a pencil, Laura Mercier’s Brow Definer will add colour and fullness while holding down hairs as well. Use with a slim professional brush like Japonesque’s Professional Eye Detailer.

Laura Mercier’s Brow Definer

Or why not try a shaping kit, that’s an all-in-one item. "Benefit’s Browzing Kit comes complete with a mirror so you can slip it into your handbag for quick touch-ups on the go.

Party eye make-up videos Party eye make-up videos

Once you’re happy with your eyebrows, complete the look with some dazzling eye make-up by taking a look at our fun Party eye make-up videos.