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Our sustainable product icons: Clear, credible, comparable

We understand that for many of you, it's becoming increasingly important to you to adopt a more balanced approach to the choices you make as consumers in terms of sustainability. It means that you want good, meaningful and truthful information about the products you buy.

In our shops and online, you'll see the green icons below on product descriptions to help you identify sustainable options. Here's what the
icons mean.

Click on the icons to find out more:

See also: Our approach to making product claims

Conserves energy

Conserves energy icon

Energy used in homes is responsible for over a quarter of all UK emissions of carbon dioxide, contributing to climate change. Making our homes as energy-efficient as possible reduces carbon emissions and saves us money on fuel and
energy bills.

Where you see this icon, it means that the product it's attached to has energy-saving features or uses less energy in how it works. Energy-efficient appliances use less energy than standard alternatives.

To carry the Conserves Energy icon, an appliance needs to achieve the following energy efficiency ratings under the European Union's
labelling scheme:

Energy efficiency ratings
Washing machines A+++ (energy), A (spin)
Dishwashers A++ (energy), A (drying)
Ovens A or gas-powered
Fridges, freezers & fridge freezers A+
Televisions A

We also include products that help raise awareness or limit energy consumption, such as energy monitors, plug controls and timers, and products powered by renewable energy, like solar powered radios, chargers and lighting.

Computer equipment that has the TCO, Energy Star, EST or Nordic Swan labels will also carry the icon.

Saves water

~Saves water

We take our responsibility to protect and maintain your trust in John Lewis very seriously, so we're committed to providing truthful and transparent information about our products


Water is a precious resource which we must use wisely because it's not as abundant as we think. Using water, especially hot water, uses energy and increases emissions of greenhouse gases, contributing to climate change.

Products carrying this icon are either designed to save water, or use less water in their operation. Some of the appliances we sell may carry both the Conserves energy and Saves Water icons.

Bathroom and kitchen taps can carry the icon if they have an aerating insert and a dual motion water break function (also known as 'eco click'), or a flow regulator. Showers can carry the icon if they have an aerating insert or a flow regulator.

Other products that help save water or limit its use of water can also carry the icon, such as water butts and water-efficient irrigation systems.

Protects nature

Protects nature

Our society is entirely dependent on the natural environment for our survival and wellbeing. Protecting nature and wildlife is key to our future economic and social development.

The raw materials for products carrying this icon are grown by methods that don't compromise natural habitats, or actively conserve them. Certified timber products carry the icon if it's a tropical hardwood and FSC certified, or FSC, PEFC or TFT for other timbers.

Products made from selected natural materials may also carry the Protect Nature icon and these include non-timber forest products such as rubber, rattan and bamboo. Also included are materials that are by-products of the food and drink industries such as cork, coir, mango wood and olive wood.

Household furnishings and clothing made from approved sustainable fibres such as hemp, jute, linen, ramie, silk, wool, lyocell, rubberwood, water hyacinth, willow or any recycled fibres will carry the Protects Nature icon. 'Green' cleaning products and organic, cruelty-free cosmetics also carry the icon.

Reduces waste

Reduces waste icon

Human resource consumption has increased dramatically over the last few decades, and many important materials are beginning to run out. We can reduce our use of virgin materials such as plastic, paper and card, and save some of the energy needed to make them.

The Reduces Waste icon means that the product has waste-saving features, or is made from recycled or reused materials. Products that encourage recycling or composting such as can crushers, recycling bins, composters and so on, can all carry the icon.

Recycled raw materials we consider as sustainable are recycled paper and card, wood, rubber, glass, and any recycled fibres such as cotton, polyester, nylon or wool. By creating new products from recycled material, manufacturers help create a market for recycled content, which in turn avoids the use of virgin raw materials, and diverts potential waste from landfill. Any products containing post-consumer waste automatically qualify for the Reduces Waste icon.

Our approach to making product claims

We take our responsibility to protect and maintain your trust in John Lewis very seriously, so we're committed to providing truthful and transparent information about our products. We want to help you make positive choices when you buy, by going above and beyond best practice in labelling our own products, and making our expectations clear to any of our suppliers who decide to make any claim or statement about their products.

We've pledged to follow the principles of clarity, credibility, and comparability.

Clarity - we'll aim to make sure that our product claims are: clear and easy to understand; direct and to the point, and avoid ambiguous or overly technical terms.

Credibility - our product claims will be realistic, relevant, accessible and verifiable. We'll avoid excessive use of small text, asterisks and footnotes. We'll use independent third party endorsements or awards from well-known and respected organisations.

Comparability - our product claims will be meaningful and offer like-for-like comparisons so that they're relevant and useful to you when you're deciding what to buy. We'll use published standards or recognised test methods for the process, product or service category.