A-rated appliances for energy efficiency


Nick Underwood

Buying Administrator, Large Electricals

We all lead busy lives, so high-performance, reliable kitchen appliances are essential to the smooth running of any household. And, when you consider the environment and rising energy costs, getting an energy-efficient appliance is a smart buy.

Since April 2011, we've been the only brand in Europe to offer a range of large electrical appliances that are all A-rated. Energy-efficient models may seem more expensive, but when you factor in lower running costs, you'll recoup that expense and even make savings in the long term.

What are energy ratings?

Energy ratings scale from A to G; A being the most energy efficient and G being the lowest. A+++ ratings have also been introduced for fridge freezers. The higher your appliance is rated, the better it will perform, so saving you money.

How can I save even more energy?

Don't overfill your fridge because it makes it harder for the cool air to circulate. Avoid leaving the door open because this causes the temperature to rise, so your fridge then needs more power to lower it again.

Use water economically – some appliances use water more efficiently than others. Look for washing machines that use less than 50 litres per cycle, and dishwashers that use less than 12 litres.


What else should I do?

Avoid using the quick wash setting on your washing machine unless time is of the essence. These use much more energy than the normal setting, as the heating element has to work harder over a shorter period of time, especially at higher temperatures.

Reducing the temperature setting at which you wash your clothes from 60ºC to 40ºC could halve your electricity bills. Lowering the temperature further will save you more money.

Clean filters to ensure that your washing machine, tumble dryer and dishwasher work efficiently.

A high-speed spin will mean your clothes need a lot less time in the tumble dryer.

We now have a range of installation services to help you too, including plumbing, electrical work and gas connections, which can be booked online (depending on where you live). Plus, we'll take away your old appliance and dispose of it for you in an environmentally-friendly way (excluded from these services currently are appliances available to order which are delivered by courier rather than our own vans).

We also include a 3-year guarantee and free delivery on all our own brand large electrical equipment as standard.