Smart Home - Experience the house of the future, today

All you need is a smartphone or tablet, plus a good broadband connection for accessing
the apps to control your smart devices

Voice control

Just think out loud to get things done. A voice control device in your home will save you time and help you to multitask more effectively

Amazon echo plus
Amazon echo
Echo dot
Google home

Amazon Echo Plus

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo Dot

Google Home

Control your lighting, monitor your home

From switching on your lighting remotely to keeping an eye on your
home when you’re away, smart innovations can save energy and
give you peace of mind

Home monitoring gadgets can include window and door sensors, video feed cameras and face recognition technology

Keep an eye on your home when you’re not there; you’ll be alerted via an HD feed when the Nestcam detects motion or sound, so you can zoom in on your phone, tablet or PC for a closer view

Canary Flex

Start with one smart home product and add more over time. You may want to consider a home hub to connect the various devices, or a booster for better wifi connection in rooms where the signal is weaker

Use your smartphone to control your energy-efficient lighting, from giving it colour from a choice of millions to set the mood, to switching it on when you come home, and off again
when you leave

2 year guarantee included

Any technology you buy from us comes with a minimum 2-year guarantee included, and our Never Knowingly Undersold commitment for quality products at fair prices

Monitor and control your home and garden

Arrive home to the perfect environment and make the most of your
leisure time with innovations in connected technology

A smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector that tells you exactly where the problem is before sounding the alarm so you can silence it quickly, and tests itself regularly

Control your heating and hot water remotely from your smartphone, so you’ll always come home to a cosy house. Your smart thermostat will detect your habits and learn to programme itself, even switching heating off when you leave home

Netatmo weather station
Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link™ Fan Heater Air Purifier

Nest Cam Outdoor is weather-proof and gives you incredibly crisp HD video and advanced algorithms that can identify when someone's in your home, alert you and zoom in to see who's there.

Keep track of conditions inside and out; the weather station displays real-time internal and external environmental data on the mobile app, so it's a must for keen gardeners, allowing you to plan your outdoor activities

Dyson's Pure Hot + Cool Link™ with intelligent thermostat monitors, warms and cools your home environment, plus it also purifies to help remove pollutants and allergens - and you can remote control it

Control your home appliances

The latest connected appliances help you
make light work of everyday tasks


Any appliance you buy from us comes with a minimum 2-year guarantee, and our Never Knowingly Undersold price promise to you

Bosch Home Connect Oven
Samsung smart washing machine

Turn on your Home Connect-enabled oven from your phone or tablet, and set push notifications so your app gives you information to monitor cooking. Access recipes with the app, and save your favourites so your oven has the right settings to start cooking

Smart Control lets you remotely control and monitor this Samsung washing machine using smartphone app. Wherever there's a wireless network, you can instantly start or pause your laundry and keep an eye on cycle selections, remaining and finishing times

One touchscreen fridge is all it takes to organise the weekly shop, stream music, watch TV or create a calendar for the whole family

Control your home entertainment

Access your favourite viewing at the touch of a button and stream
music all over your home with smart hubs and wireless speakers

Sonos Play:1

Start with one Sonos speaker and add them one room at a time. The free app enables you to play your favourite tunes in every room, using your stored music, radio stations or streaming services. Sonos One allows you to start and control your music with your voice with Amazon Alexa built in.


Multiroom speakers mean you can listen to
something different wherever you go in the
house - perfect for households with eclectic
musical tastes

Devolo Powerline

Extend your Wifi through
your electrical wiring

You can stream online content
on your Smart TV using your
broadband connection. All our
TVs come with a 5-year guarantee
for your peace of mind

2 year guarantee included

Any technology you buy from us comes with a minimum 2-year guarantee included, and our Never Knowingly Undersold commitment for quality products at fair prices