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Helen Monks

Manager, Extended Warranty & White Goods

Our installation, recycling and disposal services

Sometimes the excitement of buying a new appliance or piece of technology is somewhat dulled by the realisation that you a) have to grapple with an instruction booklet to set the new one up and/or b) need to get rid of your old model.

If you're a dab hand with electricals and gadgetry, you're probably relishing the prospect of a new piece of kit. As for disposal, it's simple enough if the item's easy to carry and you have transport and a spare weekend to take it down to your local recycling facility.

But - if you don't have the time, energy, patience or savvy to get to grips with that instruction booklet, or you're renewing your washing machine and have nothing but a pushbike to get you from A to B, then you may be only too glad to pay someone to do those things for you.

Allow us to put ourselves forward for the task - or rather, our specially-trained delivery crews, who can carry out a wide range of installation tasks when you order them alongside the purchase of your product, including testing your appliance before they leave to make sure all is well.

Standard services include connecting freestanding washing machines, dishwashers and tumble driers. If you need the doors on your new fridge or freezer to be reversed, we can also do that before we deliver the appliance.

Specialist services include installing cookers, hobs and hoods to existing gas or electricity supplies. We can also install lighting products, wherever there's pre-existing wiring. (Currently lighting installation is only available when you buy lighting products in our shops.)

And apart from appliances, we can also assemble bedsteads in situ, or assemble gas barbecues pre-delivery so you can get your cooking apron on as soon as yours arrives.

For TVs, home entertainment and technology, we offer a whole range of technical services to get you up and running.

We're also very aware of the need to dispose of old products legally and responsibly, so we offer disposal services - and we'll remove packaging from your new appliance and take that away for you for free.

Charges vary for these services, and as you'd expect, we have to apply some conditions and limitations, but we've tried to keep to a sensible minimum - you can find out more here, including prices. Please note too that these services can only be offered when you buy products that are being delivered to you via our green van fleet, and not directly from a supplier who'll be using a courier and not our drivers.

So if you'd rather spend your hard-earned leisure time listening to the reassuring hum of your new dishwasher taking care of all that washing up, instead of squeezing yourself into tight spaces with several bits of rubber tubing before spending an hour in the queue for the local tip, we hope you'll be happy to pay a little extra and let us help you enjoy your latest purchase as quickly as possible.