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Winter Maternity Wear

Sarah Hunt

Online Copywriter,

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Choosing the right maternity pieces will update your wardrobe and keep you warm and comfortable during the colder months. The winter basics you're likely to need include jeans, a pair of smart trousers, a few maternity tops and a couple of dresses. Keep things cosy with a soft jumper or cardigan. You'll find that you can continue wearing some of your current wardrobe, so mix and match old and new by wearing your cardigans and jackets without fastening the buttons. A maternity shawl is a stylish piece that can be wrapped over other layers, worn around the neck or across the body.

Fight the chill with versatile layers. During pregnancy your body temperature is likely to fluctuate more than usual, so a scarf and cardigan over a maternity top will keep you warm outside and able to adapt to stuffy public transport or the office. But you don't want to swamp your frame, so choose gently fitted pieces for a sleek look. This long line top will comfortably cover your bump and won't leave your back exposed to chilly breezes. Remember: it's the comfortable pieces that you'll want to wear again and again. The beauty of simple jersey styles is that they can be rotated with shoes and accessories for different looks. Choose a statement necklace for maximum impact with a pared-down dress.

Your normal outerwear might work for the first few months, but you may find yourself facing snow with a coat that doesn't button up. Invest in something that will cocoon you and your bump. This double-breasted style from Seraphine is shaped to fit throughout your pregnancy.

Icy streets can be tricky to navigate at the best of times, so flat boots are a good option if you've got a bump to contend with. Thankfully, this season, there are plenty of chunky biker-inspired styles to choose from - they'll also give your maternity wardrobe a bit of an edge. Add pops of colour with carefully chosen accessories in mustard or bright pink. Grey days needn't be dull.

Energy levels permitting, you'll still want to join in with the party season. To cover everything from the office Christmas outing to a New Year's dinner, choose a classic LBD that can be easily updated with clever accessories. This contemporary dress has a flattering V-neck and ruffle details. Complete the look with a pair of black maternity tights.

You won't need everything at once, but it's a good idea to have a bra-fitting early on, as underwiring can affect your developing milk ducts. This gorgeous bra from Elle Macpherson Intimates shows just how pretty maternity styles can be. As your bump grows you may find that a support belt provides support and warmth for tired muscles.