Notes from the nursery:
best for breastfeeding

Fiona Coddington
Nursery Advisor, Peter Jones

You’ll know about all the evidence, that breast milk gives babies all the nutrients they need for their first months of life and helps protect them from infection. If you’re able to breast feed, it can also help you and your baby to bond and get closer - physically and emotionally.

If you’ve chosen to breast feed, we’ve plenty of products to help you with the process.

For your comfort

Treat yourself to a proper nursing chair: KUB's glider chairs come in several finishes and are ideal for nursing or later for bedtime stories as they've been ergonomically designed. There are matching stools too for when you want to put your feet up.

A nursing pillow is a bit of a must for comfort. The My Brest Friend nursing support pillow features a wraparound design to help you maintain an ideal position for feeding. Or there’s the V-shaped pillow available from our Nursery department.

Breast Nurse reusable thermal pads use warm or cool to enhance feeding. They're safe and discreet, and help soothe the discomfort of blocked ducts, mastistis or engorgement.

Lansinoh nipple cream gives immediate soothing relief to nipples made sore by breastfeeding. The cream is 100% natural with no preservatives or additives, there's no flavour, colour or perfume which means there's no need to remove before breastfeeding.

And to protect sore nipples during breast feeding, we do nipple shields. They're shaped to allow skin contact with baby, and, made from ultra fine silicone, are odourless and tasteless.

Breast pumps - Mother’s helpers!

Philips Avent Breastfeeding Solutions pack is good value for money, and an all-round help for comfortable breast feeding

Medela electronic breast pump is a compact portable design, offering comfort when expressing breast milk – you can choose the level of vacuuming that you want, and it runs on batteries or mains electric.

If expressing milk, it goes without saying that you must keep your pump clean and sterile – and of course you'll also need some bottles – Medela do a set of 3 that are 100% BPA free and can be used to collect, store, freeze and feed breastmilk.

Weaning tips

Most babies are ready to start solids at around six months, and the Department of Health recommends waiting until then to reduce the risk of developing food allergies. Look out for your baby showing an interest in what you’re eating, still seeming hungry after a feed, or waking at night after having previously slept through.

If space is tight, look for a highchair that folds away neatly when not in use, or consider a booster seat that attaches to a chair or table. Many highchairs are adjustable, with removable trays, reclining seats and multiple height settings so they’ll grow with your child.

You’ll need plastic plates, cups and spoons (it’s best not to use metal until your baby is a year old). Bibs are essential for protecting your baby’s clothes.

If you’re planning to make your own food, preparing in bulk and freezing is the most economical way. Think about investing in a blender to quickly whizz up fruit and vegetable purees, and divide them into portions in small containers before freezing.

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