I want to ride my bicycle

Wheel good fun

Guy Fairbank

Copy producer, Toys and Books

16 May 2014

There seems to be no end to the popularity of micro scooters – in fact, they’ve been one of our best selling products for several years. Choosing the right one for your child can be confusing; not only do you have to consider which one’s best for their age (will it grow with them?) but pick from the many models now available.

Below is a guide to the ones we sell. From toddlers to 12 year-olds you’ll be able find a micro scooter that’s right for them. All of ours are Swiss engineered and designed, so they’ll last for years – great if you’ve got a younger child clamouring for one as well.

From 12 months

If you’re thinking of buying your one year-old a micro scooter, a Mini Micro 3-in-1 Scooter is a good choice. These clever models grow with your child, as they’re suitable for children aged 12 months to 5 years. The 3-in-1 starts off as a ride-on scooter with an adjustable seat.

Great for whizzing around the garden on! Then, when your child is aged 2-3 and steadier on their feet, they can use the shorter, chunkier handlebar. Finally, when they’re about 3, you can convert the scooter into a more traditional version, with a T-bar handle.

From 3 years

Though they’re rushing about a lot they’re still liable to trip and fall. A Mini Micro T-Bar Scooter has a low centre of gravity and 3 large, but not oversized wheels, making it an extremely stable model, so young children quickly gain confidence in balancing and steering.

Given the Mini Micro weighs just 1.5kg, they can easily drag it around – and they will! There’s also a good range of colours and accessories to choose from. The Mini Micro is suitable for 3-5 year-olds and children up to 110cm (3' 8") tall.

From 6 years

As they get older and more confident, they’ll be trying to test their surfing skills. The Maxi Micro Scooter is heavier and more robust than the Mini Micro and it’s also got an adjustable handlebar, so it can grow with your child. It’s suitable for children up to 48kg (7st 8lbs) in weight and up to 152cm (5’ 1”) tall.

As with the Mini Micro there are loads of accessories available so they can personalise their scooter.

Older children

Sometimes they want more than a scooter: they want a fashion statement! Aside from brightly coloured models there are a few with snazzy designs. Micro Scooters’ Floral patterns add a touch of retro chic to a ride.

Steer safe

We always recommend that children should use a helmet while out and about. Forget about boring white; there is a host of protective headgear that can match their beloved scooter. Look for ones made from ABS hard plastic: Kiddimoto’s range feature a host of fun options.

The finishing touch

If they want to put their individual mark on their scooter there’s a wide range of accessories you can buy, from school bags to colourful wheels. If you're concerned about them riding their scooter in poor visibility, you can attach a bright light to the scooter’s pole. And if they’re feeling dog tired from too much scooting around you can always pull them home using a carry strap!