One room four nurseries videos - Primary room

Caroline Bettis

Buyer, Nursery

Inspiration for new parents

We hope these videos will  inspire you when you’re starting to think about the look you want to create in your home for your new baby. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t inspire some interior design principles to your nursery, just as you would elsewhere in your home!

We’ve taken the same small room and put 4 looks together using furniture and accessories from our Nursery department. There’s a Boy’s room focused on bright contemporary colours and a unique transport theme, and a beautiful feminine room inspired by classic Parisian styling, with pink touches and heritage bedding. A third roomset is very much inspired by Scandinavian furniture, natural colours and an uncluttered style. This video features a more playful option, with a quirky farm animal print bedding set as its starting point.

We hope you find a look you’ll love!

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