Top 10 toys for spring

Matt Rolls

Copy Producer,

If you’re looking for fun and exciting ways for kids to start making the most of the good weather that’s coming, then look no further than our list of the top 10 picks for spring.

TKC Eco Line Stunt Kite

Ideal for when there’s a bit of a breeze in the air, this sturdy kite is ideal for performing stunts and tricks. It has an impressive wingspan of 120cm and can withstand wind speeds of up to 24mph.

Nerf Vortex Pyragon Blaster

The perfect thing for running around the garden or park with, this blaster will let kids take Vortex battling to the next level with a 40-disc drum magazine - the highest-capacity Vortex blaster yet. Prepare to unleash a multi-disc assault!

Plum Orang-Utan Set

This fantastic garden swing set features a climbing rope, 2 swings, a 2-seat glider and a cargo rope ladder, so there’s plenty of space for friends to join in the fun. It takes two adults around two hours to put together.

Intex Round Paddling Pool

With a diameter of over 2m, there’s plenty of room for children to splash about in. The drain plug means it’s easy to drain, while the repair patch prolongs its longevity.

TP795 Forest Villa2

TP's largest and most impressive wooden playhouse features a verandah around the house, 2 access ladders and a fun wavy slide for speedy getaways. There’s a play bench at the side and an integral sandpit, shaded from the sun.

Maxi Micro Scooter, Coral

A firm favourite for kids everywhere, the Maxi Micro Scooter is now available in more colours that ever before, with this Coral version adding a wonderfully funky touch to the model. Don’t forget the cool accessories.

Air Hogs Jet Shot Blaster

An outdoor rocket launch pad with a foot pump as a launcher. The blaster can glide, loop or spiral back towards the ground and the harder you stamp, the higher it’ll go!

Barbie Glam Vacation House

On those days where the sun decides not to shine, kids can always pretend to be on holiday with Barbie with her lavish new getaway. Kids can move the furniture accessories around, and there’s a living room that doubles-up as a bedroom.