After a nail-biting wait, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 film is finally due to hit UK cinemas on 18 April. Starring the acting talents of Andrew Garfield (Peter Parker/Spider-Man), Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy) and Dane DeHaan (Harry Osborn), this time Jamie Foxx joins the bill as Spider-Man’s high voltage nemesis, Electro.

To celebrate the release of this latest instalment of the Spider-Man film series, we’ve got a huge range of toys, allowing you to recreate the action with your favourite web-slinging hero and get your Spider-Sense tingling.

Get involved in an action-packed battle with one of our assorted Spider-Man Spider Strike figures. Each figure comes with a dynamic accessory that changes shape when it makes contact with your enemy, bringing a new element of surprise to the excitement.

Or you could try taking on the role of Spidey yourself with this awesome Web Slinger blaster! With the blaster strapped to your arm, simply make the hand movement that the genuine web-slinger makes in the movies, and release the foam darts to take down your foes.

Help Spider-Man make his way to the action without using up his webbing by having to swing through New York. These Strike vehicles use magnets to keep Spider-Man firmly intact and are even capable of deploying a weapon if the web-slinger is attacked by one of his many enemies.

If you love your Lego, then you’ll be in your element with the Lego Super Heroes range. Relive your favourite moments from previous Spider-Man films with the Spider-Trike and help Peter Parker take on Electro.

There’s even an opportunity for new fans of LEGO to get to grips with their bricks, thank to
an easy-to-build set from the LEGO Juniors range that sees Spider-Man take on one of his most feared nemeses, Venom.

So if you’re the ultimate Spider-Man fan then you might want to browse through our Amazing Spider-Man toys and help Peter Parker take on his foes. But remember that with great power comes great responsibility.