Winter walks

Winter walks

Chantal Lontay

Buying Administrator, Nursery Online

John Lewis Baby Star Footmuff
Silver Cross Surf Winter Pac

Don’t let the cold weather stop you and your little one getting out and about 

Grey skies, drizzle and wintry winds may leave you tempted to stay indoors with your baby, but the dreary weather shouldn’t stop you from venturing out and about. Winter may not be the ideal time for long walks, but it’s great to get a bit of fresh air, a change of scenery and  you might even find that your baby sleeps and eats better after a stroll. Get out in the early afternoon sunshine when the temperature is at its highest and you’ll also benefit from the exercise and sunlight that’ll help banish the winter blues. 

Footmuffs are designed to cover little feet and legs to help keep them warm and snug, so they’re an ideal choice when the temperature drops. You’ll find footmuffs to coordinate with most brands of pushchairs, but there are also some universal designs to choose from, like this cheerful star design. Look out for designs that zip open for easy access, or those that adapt to the seasons, so you can use them from autumn, right through to spring. A lambskin liner can be used for babies of all ages. Simply lie it in a carrycot to keep baby cosy, or attach it to the seat unit as baby gets older. The lambskin liner can be used all year round due to its natural properties – it will keep baby cool in the summer and warm in the winter, so it’s  a worthwhile long term investment. If you’re popping out quickly and just want to attach the car seat to the pushchair, then the universal infant carrier footmuff is perfect. To make things even simpler, you can keep it attached to the car seat, even whilst baby is in the car. Just unzip it if baby gets warm and you’ll be left with a cosy car seat liner. 

If you’re faced with a light shower, pop on a rain coat, don your wellies and choose a raincover to fit your pushchair. You’ll find raincovers come with most pushchair models, but there are also universal designs that should fit most buggies. Your little passenger will stay safe and dry while they watch a drizzly world go by. 

If you don’t mind a bit of an adventure and you’re happy to go out in colder conditions, then Bugaboo offers rough terrain wheels for the Cameleon, that’ll take on snow.  And the brilliant Silver Cross Surf Winter Pack creates an overcoat for your pushchair and includes winter mittens to keep your hands warm on chilly days. 

Don’t forget older siblings! Attach a buggyboard to your pushchair, so they can hitch a lift if they get bored of muddy puddles. If you’re worried about them running off, then these brightly coloured toddler backpacks are a great solution. They’ll feel grown up having their own little bag to carry and you can keep them close by with the attached safety rein. Why not add a reflector tag to it to further increase their visibility on dark afternoons?

John Lewis Baby Star Footmuff
Skip Hop Zoolet Toddler Backpack