Devon Duvets, straight from the farm


Dick and Pauline Beijen's pure-bred Texel sheep from Seale Stoke Farm in Holne, Devon are happy sheep! They're kept solely for their wool, which means that once their fleeces have been removed, they're free to return to green pastures.

The beautiful, natural duvets handmade from the Texel sheep fleece offer a real alternative to feather and down duvets, for both vegetarians and anyone with house dust mite allergies. The unique, natural properties of wool mean that Devon Duvets resist dust mites and are "breathable". They allow the body to regulate its own temperature, so keeping you comfortable while you sleep – making them ideal for anyone who finds they don't get along with polyester-filled duvets.

They're also supremely practical – they can be machine washed (use a wool setting) and line dried, and will retain their light and fluffy appearance. They have a 100% cotton casing, and come in single, double, king and superking sizes.

You can buy the light and medium weight quilts separately to use in spring/summer and autumn; the light is half the weight of the medium at just 300g per square metre. If you want an even cosier winter duvet, just fasten them together.

We also stock Devon Duvet pillows, with one standard size and one a special travel folding pillow that doubles up as a blanket.

It's also good news that buying a Devon duvet or pillow is a perfect way to lower your carbon footprint, while supporting a sustainable method of producing duvets in the UK. So - if you have to count sheep to send you off at night, we hope you'll make them Texel breed sheep from Devon!