Find a mattress to fit - video guide

Lucy Benham

Assistant Buyer, Beds & Bedroom Furniture

Invest a little time for a good night's sleep

We know that a mattress isn't the most glamorous of products, and we also know that sometimes people are a bit shocked by the price of mattresses. But choosing the right one is so important for a good night's sleep and therefore your health and wellbeing, and it's a funny thing that most of us would think nothing of spending much more money - on a car for example - with which we we spend much less time!

Mattresses are supposed to relieve pressure points when you're lying down, so that you move around less and get uninterrupted sleep. So when you know you need a new one, we'd urge you not to simply browse online and just pick one you like the look of, or can afford. By all means do some research, but then please visit one of our shops where you can try out your shortlist to find out which one's best for you.

In this video, one of our expert bed department Partners supplies some tips on how to tell if a mattress is a perfect fit for you.