Winter arrangements for your home

Maintain a fresh, natural feel in your home
throughout the cooler seasons, with the vivid
autumnal colours and crisp winter look
of our winter floral arrangements

Poppy arrangement

Celebrate the changing seasons in an autumnal blaze of colour: a bunch of bright orange cosmos spray and deep red poppies will look as if you gathered them from a wildflower meadow.

Arrange in a posy vase to let the stems fall freely in a relaxed pose of wild elegance.

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Fuji mum arrangement

A refined display oozing sophistication, gathering Fuji mum and hydrangea blooms in deep wine shades, with creamy viburnum to finish.

Place in a spherical vase to emphasise the bouquet’s volume: LSA’s round vase has a pearlescent sheen that adds an enchanting feel to this display.

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Floralsilk Hydrangea, Blue
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Thistle spray arrangement

This striking seasonal arrangement has a minimalist outline with plenty of intricate detail, thanks to textured thistle heads and delicate snow-covered twigs.

Creating the striking impression of a shard of ice, a tall glass vase maintains this arrangement’s slender profile.

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Garden rose arrangement

Festive overtones are central to this look: pair delicate miniature roses with rosehip berries for a burst of red, then nestle stems into shimmering gold-coated eucalyptus.

Arrange the blooms in a large teardrop vase that accentuates their fullness, and nips stems to let the flowers spread in a display of radiance.

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Lily arrangement

Suggestive of snowy winter scenes, this display makes generous use of white: ivory lilies tower above milk-white roses, filled out with creamy amaryllis.

For a spectacular finish, add glittered twigs and place in a tall, sumptuously curved vase.

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Amaryllis arrangement

Reference the splendour of the season with classic ruby red amaryllis, sprigs of emerald holly and stems studded with bright berries.

A grand bouquet vase calls attention to the bouquet's full outline, for a dramatic seasonal finish that makes a wonderful centrepiece.

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