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Immerse yourself in the beautiful work of Sue Fenlon

Sue’s passion for painting is inspired by the way nature evolves through seasonal changes in colour, texture and light.

Sue has painted in America which developed her skills in different mediums, looking at aspects of light, form and colour on a Texan landscape. She now works from a studio in the countryside of Northumberland, overlooking the sea and the fields which inspires her daily.

We love Sue's work because it's timeless and works in both contemporary and more classic settings. We also love the movement in each piece, and the way in which she uses colour, creating warmth with subtle shades and bolder highlights. In this video, Sue talks about the inspiration behind her work and how she comes to create her beautiful pieces.

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David Purdie - revealing beauty in the unexpected

David trained as a painter at the Royal College of Art, but after graduating he ended up working as a photographer shooting advertising and documentary work for the next 20 years. He gave all that up in 2007 to open his own photographic gallery in Rye on the south coast.

David says that his pictures are often of fairly ordinary scenes which, when shot the right way and at the right time, can become extraordinary. "My pictures are about revealing beauty in the unexpected; it comes through looking at the world around us, using our eyes to see something unexpected, something amazing."

It's this that drew us to David's work, which transports you to a spectacular place and opens your eyes to the natural beauty of our landscapes. In this video, David talks about the inspiration behind his work and the story behind his stunning photographs.

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