Guide to the best cuts of lamb

Different cuts of lamb have different roasting qualities and will vary in price and fat content. Use our guide below to choose the best joint for your Easter gathering.

Leg of Lamb

Everyone’s favourite cut for roasting. A whole leg is perfect for feeding a crowd, and can be split into two separate joints. Leg of lamb can be roasted hot and fast, or long and slow

Shoulder of Lamb

An inexpensive, flavoursome cut as it carries a little more fat, making for sweet, scculent meat. Well-suited to slow roasting, although the bone running through the centre makes it harder to carve.

Loin of Lamb

This is a really lovely joint for roasting, on or off the bone, because it carries more fat than the leg but not as much as the shoulder. A boned loin is ideal for stuffing.

Saddle of Lamb

Although an impressive joint for roasting, saddle of lamb is a large and expensive, and it can be rather difficult to carve.

Lamb Chump

An often underrated cut, chump is cheap, delicious and the most fatty of all the joints. When boned and rolled, it produces a beautifully flavoured, tender and inexpensive roasting joint.