Making the most of red wine - video

A new way to enjoy your wine

We appear to have become a nation of wine lovers -  Britons consumed over 11 million cases in 2014, making us one of the world's biggest importers of wine.

If you love your wine, you can get even more enjoyment out of it by choosing the correct glass for the type. The shape and size of a wine glass can drastically affect the taste of your wine through all your senses. The shape helps direct the wine to the correct part of the mouth in order to optimise flavour. The size affects how the bouquet is released for you to enjoy the aroma.

Our Connoisseur glass range has been developed with Italian sommeliers to enhance your enjoyment of every sip. The quality of the crystal glass ensures you can see the colour clearly, and the shape of the glass is designed to help you appreciate the full range of flavours, both by smell and by taste.

The range includes glasses designed to enhance specific varieties of red, wihte and rose wine. In addition, Connoisseur includes a selection of bar glasses to allow you to serve the perfect beer, champagne or cosmopolitan cocktail.

In this video, wine specialist Alex Murray from Waitrose Wine and Sheila Russell, one of our in-store glass experts, explore the delights of red wine using these specially-designed Connoisseur glasses. There's also a video about the white wine glasses.