Easy cocktail making video guides - Classic martini

Shaken or stirred?

Thanks to the re-imagining of classic recipes, cocktails are currently experiencing a renaissance. Synonymous with celebrations and entertaining, cocktails conjure up images of the exuberance of the jazz age and the sophistication of James Bond. The fascination of cocktails rests in their diversity and their endless capacity for reinvention and evolution. A "cocktail" can mean anything from a classic martini, warming winter toddy, or, increasingly, a non-alcoholic mocktail.

We stock a wide range of products to help you get started with making cocktails. To start with, a good cocktail shaker is essential. Always shake until very cold and keep a firm grip on the lid! The Boston shaker is a great way to get started as it includes recipe indicators to help you get the perfect mix. The sleek Mojito shaker is part of a sophisticated range of barware including an ice bucket and a muddler, an essential tool for the famous rum and mint cocktail.

An ice crusher is another essential so you can chill glasses as well as ingredients, and a jigger will make sure you get perfect measures. Cocktails can be as classic or as adventurous as you choose, but in this video, expert mixologist Tom Soden shows us how to finesse a classic vodka martini.