Look on the bright side with house

Although clean white walls are timeless and can help make a small room feel bigger, colour is a great addition to a contemporary home. You can quickly and easily add an accent colour to a neutral room by using accessories such as towels and bathmats in the bathroom, colourful crockery in the kitchen, or lampshades and cushions in the living room or bedroom. Remember a little colour goes a long way: just one or two bright accessories can lift an entire room.

House lighting

Often overlooked, lighting can turn an ordinary space into something special. Get it right by knowing what light works best in what spot, and you can add instant, easy atmosphere to a room, softening hard corners and casting a soft glow for relaxing and entertaining. Pendant, or ceiling, lights come in many guises, from simple metal shades to industrial-style cages. Think about whether it’s illuminating a table or the

whole space, and consider what works best with the room’s look and feel. If in doubt, choose something timeless such as a paper globe or an elegant rise and fall design. Floor lamps work well in corners, casting a glow from high up like an overhead light, only more subtle. Angled heads are useful: you can cast the light up into a high corner or down onto a sofa if you’re reading.

House by John Lewis Cage Pendant, Black
House by John Lewis Tony Ceiling Pendant, Teal
House by John Lewis Marbles Shade, Charcoal
House by John Lewis Tony Task Lamp, Yellow

house accent colour

Give the simplest room a bit of personality by adding a bold accent colour in towels, mats and accessories. You can even match your toiletries to the colour scheme, or vice versa. Teal gives a sun-drenched Greek island feel, whereas green is calming and navy gives a nautical look. You could try some colour on the walls, too – perhaps by hand-painting a feature pattern.

House by John Lewis Bobble Bathmat, Teal
House by John Lewis Towels, Grass Green
House by John Lewis Vase, H13cm, Blue, Blue
House by John Lewis Artificial Mini Cactus, H20cm

house tableware

Rather than having a whole second set of smart dinnerware for when guests come over, why not simply dress your everyday tableware with a handful of carefully chosen, brightly coloured pieces? From glassware and candleholders to jugs and mats, there’s plenty to choose from. You can also add a rustic feel with homespun touches, such as a wooden bowl of fruit or jam jars filled with fresh flowers tied together with twine.

House by John Lewis 3 Piece Cutlery, 4 Sets
House by John Lewis Wooden Salt & Pepper Set, Red
House by John Lewis Pitcher and Glasses, Set of 5
House by John Lewis Tableware Set, 16 piece, Red